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Social Media ROI

Boost Social Media ROI by Making the Right Offers

“Buy my product now!” This is perhaps the most commonly seen offer on most marketing channels. Whether you’re looking at AdWords, infomercials or neighborhood Girl’s Scouts, they’re all trying to do one thing: get you to buy. Yet social media is different. The “buy my product” offer is highly ineffective on social media. Not only is it hard to make sales; you actually damage your relationship with your audience. So, what is the right offer? How do you turn social media users into buyers, without appearing too salesy? Here’s how.

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Social Media Tips for Standing Out & Cutting Through the Noise

Every day, over 400 million tweets are sent on Twitter. Over 1 billion posts are posted on Facebook. Trying to get your message heard on social media can be like trying to get a customer’s attention at a crowded concert. No matter how loud you shout, it just doesn’t seem like anyone’s listening. So how do you cut through the noise? Follow these steps.

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5 Tips for Fast Social Media Traffic

Social media isn’t just about staying in touch with your existing users. It can also be a powerful engine for driving loads of new visitors to your website. For this to work, you must have a strong plan for building your social media exposure. Using social media for traffic generation is not the same as using it for follow up. You must implement specific strategies. Here’s how to do it.

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Social Media Content

Your Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Content

What exactly should you post on social media? How do you build trust, engagement and enduring relationships with your audience? How do you build a social media following that consistently brings you traffic and revenue? Here are the most important things to pay attention to.

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Get More Twitter Followers

9 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

Learning to speak Twitter can be like learning to speak a new language. There are new words, new abbreviations, new kinds of relationships and even new etiquette. New or even intermediate Twitter marketers often have to spend so much energy just keeping up with Twitter that it’s tough to pay attention to effective strategy. These 9 tips will help you cut through the fluff. These are the 9 most important tips to pay attention to if you want to get more Twitter followers.

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