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5 Marketing Mistakes that Could be Killing Your Business

Day after day, month after month, marketing entrepreneurs all over the world work on building their business and expanding their brand.  Whether they are motivated by money, the possibility of building something of value, influencing others, or simply the intent to help, the end goal is always the same — to generate sales.  Unfortunately, many marketers oftentimes shoot themselves in the foot and make success an uphill battle. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent marketing mistakes, and how they could be negatively impacting your business.  Taking a One Size Fits All Approach – A successful ...

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They’re at It Again: Google Penguin 2.1 Update

In case you haven’t heard, Google launched yet another update to their algorithm. For those that are keeping count, that is the second one in just over 2 months. Here is a link to an article explaining the nuances of the Google Hummingbird update that was released in late August.  Unfortunately, these last two updates have been rough on many within the internet marketing community. Some have reported some very concerning drops within the Google SERPS almost immediately after Google Penguin 2.1 was released.  If this has happened to you, don’t get too worked up about it, as we’re going ...

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7 Best Internet Marketing Plugins for 2014

Imagine a construction worker without a hammer or an artist without a paintbrush. Those are the essential tools of their trade. Without them, their profession would severely suffer. Perhaps they can manage without these tools, but a construction worker using his hard hat to drive nails or a painter scribbling with crayon isn’t going to get the job done anytime soon. Internet marketers are the same way with WordPress plugins. Sure, we could get the job done without various WordPress plugins, but it sure as heck won’t be easy. So, we are going to talk about the best marketing plugins ...

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13 Steps to the Perfect Sales Page Template

You don’t have to be a literary genius to be able to create a highly converting sales letter, but it does take a bit of trial and error. Unlike articles, ebooks, or other forms of writing, an effective sales page requires a more scientific method.  Copywriters need to be able to inject themselves into the mind of the consumer in order to generate text that captivates the attention of the reader long enough to present them with an offer that they simply can’t refuse. This is why the leading copywriters follow a basic template that encompasses all of the right information ...

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Tips for New Internet Marketers

Transitioning from the daily grind of a 9-5 job and assuming your new role as an internet marketer can often times be difficult. There is no boss or upper management to keep you accountable. You are your own boss now; the master of your domain, the owner of your own internet business.  If you succeed, it will be because of your own merit, hard work, and dedication to your craft. Unfortunately, if you do not succeed, it will undoubtedly be your fault as well. To make this transition easier, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you remain focused ...

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