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driving traffic

A New Way to Look at Generating Traffic

Driving traffic to your website can be an absolutely maddening experience for some. That’s because most people treat traffic generation like a game of chance. They’ll try a few things that they read somewhere in hopes that it works out with no real strategy in place. How is it that the big name marketers can launch a site and suddenly, as if by magic, the site will start receiving tons of traffic. They aren’t using “secret techniques” that you aren’t privy too. We can’t blame it on the size of their marketing budget either, because most of them started out ...

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site launch

Become the Next Big Thing Before You Even Launch Your Site

I get TONS of emails from readers every single day asking for advice about their online business. By far, the single most asked type of question has to do with gaining traffic for a newly launched website. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, it can be smooth sailing. If your brand is as good as you believe it to be, and you have all of the right aspects of your business fully covered, then you shouldn’t have too much difficulty gaining ground once you get noticed… But let’s be realistic, that initial influx of traffic, subscribers, and backlinks ...

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Profits On Autopilot

How to Generate Profits on Autopilot

No, I’m not going to give you some long, motivational rant about how you can create a “set it and forget it” business model, while sailing the Indian Ocean like some other snake oil salesmen try and peddle. In reality, these types of opportunities simply don’t exist. If left alone for too long, the revenue sources that your business derives will eventually dry up. Unless you’re one of the lucky few that happens to sell an app to Facebook for a bazillion dollars, then you’ll likely need to work for a living. A successful business requires a lot of effort, ...

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how to find writers

How to Get Other Writers to Build Your Business for You

For most internet marketers, their blog is the most valuable asset that they have. Blogs help drive more traffic, create brand awareness, and engage your audience so that they come to trust your opinion (which is essential for promoting products). For most, it can take years to publish enough quality content to generate a buzz. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have years of my life to dedicate to a project before I see a return on my investment. Do you want to know the secret to making money with your blog? STOP doing everything by yourself! The ...

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seo mistake

Are You Making This One Silly SEO Mistake?

There is likely an SEO blunder that your site is making this very second. This mistake may seem so miniscule, that the vast majority of site owners simply overlook it, but if you took the time to fix it now, you could prevent some serious negative lasting effects on how your site performs in the rankings. Let’s face it. There’s no traffic like organic traffic. Once you’ve worked yourself into a position where the organic traffic comes flowing in on a regular basis, then you know you’re doing something right. But what if your SEO (or lack thereof) is actually ...

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