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Pro Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate Part 3

Today I will be presenting the 3rd and final post in our conversion rate optimization series. If you happened to miss the other 2 posts, no biggie, I’ve provided the links below. Pro Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate Part 1 Pro Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate Part 2 So far, we’ve covered A LOT of helpful material. Today’s post is no different. I’ll be showing you how colors, badges, and a purple lizard can help you make more money. (yes, I said a purple lizard). Let’s begin… Don’t Forget Color Psychology Over the years, human interactions with studies ...

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conversion rate

Pro Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate Part 2

Increasing your conversion rate is a science. It’s based on creating data driven changes to your website in order to coerce your target consumer to purchase your product or service. I part 1 of my conversion rate series, I showed how split testing is an ongoing process and not just a one time deal. Over time, things change. What works now may not be the best fit for your business tomorrow. There’s always room for improvement. It’s important to make continuous changes so that you ensure that you are receiving the optimal results. I also showed the importance of testing ...

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how to find guest blogging opportunities

How to Find More Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is one of the easiest marketing strategies to utilize, and the benefits are virtually endless. I think that we can all agree that gaining a foothold within a specific niche can be tough, especially when your site is brand new. A brand new site lacks authority, a following, and most of all, traffic. Simply creating outstanding content isn’t enough. Those that rely on the “post and pray” method are doomed to fail. I have a confession to make. Marketers such as myself may be part of the problem. We constantly tell our readers about the importance of high ...

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internet marketing lessons

2 Internet Marketing Lessons I Learned in Kindergarten

Looking back at my childhood, life seemed so easy. There was no responsibility. Everything in our life was taken care of by those that cared for us. Plus, there was nap time! When we think of our childhood, our minds usually revert back to a time that included snacks, playing on the jungle gym, and running away from the kids with “cooties”. Now, as an adult, the world is seemingly much more complex. We have bills to pay, businesses to run, and many even have little ones of our own to take care of. I can remember a time in ...

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blogging tips

4 Blogging Tips that are Guaranteed to Improve Your Business

In the highly competitive world of online marketing, you need to employ every tip, trick, and strategy at your disposal in order to help build your business. Like many sites out there, my business revolves around the traffic that I attract through my blog posts. Though I have tons of products, a large following on social media, and have numerous avenues for gaining highly targeted traffic, my blog posts are arguably the most important aspect of my entire business model. Blog posts are what keep people coming back for more, and what help you build trust and authority, which are ...

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