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A Simple SEO Strategy from Scratch

Part of building your business is building your business online, and part of that is delving into the somewhat mysterious world of SEO. In the old days, I could’ve just told you to include a few keywords and you would be good to go; nowadays, it’s not quite so straightforward. I’m often asked where and how a small business should get started in SEO and what strategies work best. While it’s not completely cut and dried, there are definitely some things you can do right now to get your business moving in the right direction in search results. Read on ...

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Marketing on the Run: A Campaign Devoted to Busy Non-Readers

Go outside, hop on a subway, or take a walk around your local mall, and it becomes blatantly obvious just how dependent on digital devices people have become. In 2013, a Pew Research Center survey discovered that for the first time since it began keeping track, a majority of Americans owned some kind of smartphone – a statistic that should not be lost on you or anyone else who owns a business. Because of the nature of smartphones, this proves that Americans are reading, but they certainly are not reading like they used to. Instead of pouring over newspapers or ...

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Using Deals to Drive Conversions

Everybody loves a bargain, right? When it comes to building your bottom line, deals and discounts are a great way to attract more sales and move more merchandise, provided you have a well thought out strategy for the implementation of your program. Here are a few ideas for using deals and discounts online to bring customers your way as well as some caveats and warnings about what can go wrong. With a little bit of research and some careful planning, deals can be a great method to drive up your sales and build your business. Read on for all the ...

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blog traffic

The Ultimate Blog Traffic Checklist: 20 Ways to Funnel Traffic to Your Site

Let’s face it. Competition for online traffic can be fierce. With over 1 billion websites live today, it can be increasingly difficult to secure your spot at the table. How do you rise above them? How do you attract traffic when you’re only a fraction of the size, have a fraction of the budget, and lack the accolades that your competitors may have? Believe me, your competitors are not going to give up without a fight either. Who wants to give up a piece of the pie when they could have it all to themselves? Luckily for you, most internet ...

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highest converting landing page ever

10 Essential Tips To Creating Your Highest Converting Landing Page Ever

Landing pages have been a staple for internet marketers since the dawn of the internet age. These pages are specifically designed to convert traffic (whether it’s for a sale or to acquire an email address) and are an essential component in any campaign. Regardless of what the function is, there is no better way to gain conversions. However, there is A LOT of misconception out there about what an ideal landing page will look like. Although the look, feel, and copy of a landing page can vary greatly depending on the niche, the traffic, and what’s being offered, there are ...

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