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What’s in a Name?

Before you begin your internet domination plan, you must first pick a suitable domain name. You will first need to decide if the actual TLD itself is important. People now prefer the dot coms and the dot orgs over the lesser .info, and this is a hot topic among marketers. The theory is that a .com will rank higher than a .info in search results. This, however, is not true. Google will always rank content and quality above anything. If you had great content on a .info, and it had enough authoritative backlinks etc., you would certainly see your pages ...

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Anyone for Jiggling?

A little known, but very cool, little website called Jiggling the Web is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so. By stripping away all the mumbo jumbo you have been fed by professional SEO companies, and giving you the straight facts about how you can rank your pages fast and easily, the website is getting critical and cult acclaim. The site is written in a somewhat “off the wall” and informal manner, which makes it easy for newbies to get into, and is written by Michael Campbell, who devised the simple method in 2007.

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Keeping Visitors Interested

Few things keep us busy when we are looking around a blog, and absorbing the content. Usually we just want to read the information that we’ve come for, and then disappear back to Google to continue our hunt for information. The websites that actually interest us, the ones that we bookmark, and the ones that we sign up for updates for – they are the ones with the little gadgets, more often than not. Did you ever find yourself playing with the animated tag cloud on someone’s site? We all do. It is human nature to play with gadgets. Some ...

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Choosing Low Competition Products

The first question you will ask yourself, after you have learned all the best SEO methods online, is “what do I sell?” You could browse for hours over at Clickbank, and still not settle on a good product that you want to promote full time. There is so much choice, it can become quite a challenge – not least because you would probably prefer to actually like the product you are going to be selling, or have at least some experience in the subject matter. For one thing, choosing a product that you know about is usually a good method, ...

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Interaction is Paramount

Interaction on your website is key for future growth and traffic. If there is no way for a visitor to join in with your site, they are not going to check back as often as they might, if they were coming to reply to another user – or comment on something you said. They will visit of course, if you are just posting great content, but to be brutally honest – you have to give them a way to get involved, if you really want your site to go crazy with traffic on a daily basis.

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