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Blog Schedule: What to Do When Life Happens

Blog schedule planning helps when forming an internet marketing routine.blog schedule But what happens when that schedule is disrupted? We all know that life happens sometimes, and we can’t always control our schedule when it does. But you can plan around hiccups in your routine here and there and salvage your blog schedule when things come up.

It’s important to think ahead about what you will do when anomalies come up in your blog schedule. Think about your first plan of action in different cases. What happens if an accident happens and you can’t write for a while? What will you do if you go on vacation or a business trip and don’t want to write a blog post while you’re gone? These are all things you can plan ahead for.

The Emergency Blog Schedule

Let’s talk about your blog schedule as it relates to those little emergencies that creep up. You know the type – you forgot your daughter’s dance recital was on Saturday, or you got sick and had to go to the doctor’s office. If your blogs do not depend on day by day news, you can keep one or two spare blog posts in your repertoire.

Then, if you find you don’t have the time or inclination to write a post, publish this piece on the day that you’re tight on your blog schedule. That way, you give yourself a little breathing space before you have to write another post tomorrow.

The Long-Term Adjustable Blog Schedule

Let’s say you’re going to Cancun for two weeks because you made bank with your new product launch. Your blog schedule says you’re supposed to write a new post twice per week, but perhaps you’re not going to have good Wi-Fi at the hotel, or you might not feel like ripping yourself away from the beach long enough to write a couple posts.

Fear not – adjust your blog schedule so that you write posts in advance. Instead of writing two posts per week in the days before your trip, write four or five posts. Then, schedule them for future publishing on your blog.

How do you do that? It’s simple. Go to your blog dashboard and add a new post. In the “Publish” area, hit the “Edit” button and select the date and time you would like the post to hit the internet. You can set a publishing date for just about any day you want, which gives you the option to pre-write every blog post that you would otherwise have to write during your vacation.

Your blog schedule can suffer a few disruptions now and then, but what you want to avoid is getting into the habit of letting your blog schedule slip entirely. It’s hard to start a good habit for blog publishing, but it’s easy to break the habit and start a bad one. Don’t let yourself go for too many posts without publishing one, or you could end up getting off on a very whacky blog schedule that’s hard to bounce back from.

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