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Blog Ideas for Creating Content on Your Blog

Blog ideas often run dry when you write a lot of Blog Ideascontent for your blog or website. You start off with great intentions of writing loads of unique articles, posting them daily, bookmarking them to your multiple profile all across the web and so forth. But when it gets down to the wire and you have to start actually writing the articles, you find your brain is of no help in the creativity department, your mind starts to wander and you type out about 100 words and call it quits.

As blog ideas go, this is often how it happens, so don’t think that it’s just you or that there’s something wrong with your method. But before you get too deep into the mire of writer’s block, take a step back and consider these blog ideas for your website or daily blog.

Blog Ideas that Break the Mold

These blog ideas will help you consider themes for your writing that you might not have thought about previously. And you won’t necessarily get them by doing a Google search for blog ideas, either, so consider yourself fortunate to be reading them (wink, wink).

One of the best blog ideas, especially if you are in the business of selling goods that are slightly difficult to get excited about, is the concept of writing on the overall theme of your business. For instance, today I was writing a blog post for a car dealership. But instead of writing with the intention of selling vehicles, I wrote with a slant that helped the consumer keep themselves and their vehicles safe during an upcoming local festival. Not only does this gather rapport for your business, it’s actually helpful information for the audience to take away.

In the case of my car dealership client, we wanted to implement local and geographical tags in our posts, so we used the festival as a way to integrate city and state names for the region we wanted to target. This is very SEO friendly in Google’s eyes and can work in our favor when trying to rank for keywords searched for in a certain location or with certain city names attached to the keywords.

Blog Ideas that Interest Readers

Nobody likes blog ideas that are narcissistic, or in other words, blog ideas that only benefit you, the website owner. So no posting blog ideas that promote, promote, promote your affiliate products all the time. You need to sprinkle in – or rather, pour in – blog posts that help and interest your reader.

If you run out of your own blog ideas, use those of other people – but use them the right way. For example, if you’re on Tumblr and you see a cute picture, don’t be afraid to re-post it with attribution. So what if it doesn’t benefit your business directly? It draws attention to your feed and builds reputation with your readers and customers. Don’t make too much of a habit of this; just use these blog ideas naturally and sprinkle them in between other posts, and your writer’s block problem will be solved.

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