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Blog Commenting 101

linksBlog commenting is a great way to get yourself some backlinks, but unfortunately it has been overrun by spammers in an attempt to build thousands of backlinks to get Google love.

It never works like this, as we all know, so why they continue to do so is beyond reason. Blog commenting can be a very good way to get some high power backlinks, but you have to do it properly, and within certain parameters. For example, do it regularly – but not overkill. So comment on relevant blogs maybe twice or three times a day.

Make each post a valid and interesting comment, and do not always include your URL and anchor text when you start commenting on a blog. This way you will build the trust of the actual blog moderator, and then they will allow you to post anchors, and automatically approve your comments. A lot of people do not realize this, and simply go in headlong posting anchors. This can be totally fruitless.

So, where do you find good blogs to comment on? This is fairly simple using an RSS reader site called Bloglines – http://www.bloglines.com

Go to somewhere like Technorati, where you can find lots of blogs that relate to your niche. Compile a list of RSS feeds from these blogs. Now, head over to Bloglines, and register an account with them. Download their Notifier software, which you will find in the left hand menu under Feeds. Once you have this notifier installed, copy and paste each of your gathered RSS feeds into your browser address bar.

A page will open where you can edit the settings of the notifier. You shouldn’t really need to, and you can just hit subscribe.

Now, whenever a relevant post is posted on these blogs, you will be notified, enabling you to get to the page and be among the first to comment. Remember, just add a few comments without anchor texts as your name/URL. Just add your name for now. The moderators will see your comments, and then start approving automatically.

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