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Best Website Conversions and Online Marketing Tips You May Have Missed

The struggle is real and never-ending. When it comes to your website conversions something always needs to be tested or improved upon. You always need to consider third-party endorsements, accessibility, and concise design. In that mix are some so-called, lesser concerns that often get lost in the shuffle. When addressed individually, each can boost your conversion rate a bit, but collectively the result can be stupendous. Here is a list of effective tactics you may have never considered:

Change or Omit Your CAPTCHA

A CAPTCHA is a website tool used to determine if a visitor is a live human being. Users are prompted to fill out a form that usually consists of a random number, words or letters that are hard to decipher. It is difficult for a person to read them and basically impossible for a computer. This helps websites weed out spam bots. These forms are commonly used on comment or registration forms.

Sometimes CAPTCHAs don’t work, other times they work too efficiently. If the code is too difficult to figure out many viewers with simply leave. That move could potentially cost you lots of precious revenue. However, if you have a consistent problem with spam, you shouldn’t eliminate CAPTCHA. Use one that is the most readable and user-friendly as possible.


Use Contrasting Colors for Your Buttons

Oddly enough, colorful buttons that complement your scheme may negatively affect your conversion rate. For example, one company found that a red button produced more that 20 percent higher ratings than a green one. Since red is usually associated with the need to stop, or danger, it is strange that it outperformed green (go). The red button stood out more amongst the rest of the colors.

Clarify What is Expected with Something “Free”

Consumers are getting much more suspicious when they see free offers. They always expect some sort of catch. Views wonder if they will have to endure a lengthy sign-up process. They ask themselves, ” will I need to provide my personal information?” “do they want my credit card data so they can charge me down the road?” It is highly likely, many consumers have been lured into a trap before and are not going to let it happen again. You will need to build credibility and earn their trust. State the important facts up front making it clear that no credit card or registration information is required. Your conversion rate will be higher if you make the commitment simple and easy.

Provide No Hassle Returns

The downfall to buying online is not being able to see the product physically. Pictures are great, but the view is not always accurate. This is intimidating to many consumers. They don’t want to end up not liking what they receive. Also, what if the wrong model was chosen accidentally? What if the gadget doesn’t work? All of these negative possibilities deter people from buying. Nowadays, major internet businesses have started providing more forgiving return policies. One popular online shoe store offers a very simple customer return policy. If you don’t want it, just return it for a full refund or a replacement. Many stores will forward a prepaid shipping label for the return.

Final Word

Always remember to make the buying process easy for consumers so they will want to take action. Review your sales process and omit any barriers. The result will be happy customers and a lucrative conversion rate.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and what other tips for Website and Online Marketing that has worked for you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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