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Best Products to Sell in the Summertime

Yes, the summer can be a slump for sales. You’ve probably already read about that in one of my previous posts. But it doesn’t HAVE to be, especially if you’re selling the right products to the right consumers. You can always sell something, because someone, somewhere, always has the money to buy whatever they want. Your job is to make those products available to such people if you want to make money during the summer.

It’s not tough to figure out what to sell during June, July and August. Think about it. What do most summer activities revolve around? Things like vacations, going to the beach, shopping and sports come to mind. So let’s think about what you can sell that would fit into these categories.

Vacations and Beach

There are a lot of interests you could sell in this niche. Weight loss products are one of them. Nobody wants to go on vacation looking like a fat slob, so your job is to sell them on getting fit to look hot on the beach. Next up – beachwear! Swimsuits aren’t cheap, so you can make a nice affiliate commission selling beachwear to site visitors.

What else do people take on vacations but electronic devices! Moms and dads take cameras to film their kids having fun, while just about everyone takes a Kindle or iPad on a flight for something to do. These are all great options when it comes to selling stuff during the summer.

Vacation packages that include flights and hotels can really pay off. Even commissions of 5% can pay out over $100, especially if someone books a wedding or anniversary to someplace like Cancun.

Summer Sports

Not everyone wants to go somewhere hot during the summer. For instance, lots of people would rather go to Colorado to cool off, especially if they live somewhere like Orlando or Houston. Think about selling things like mountain bikes, rafts, oars, life jackets, helmets, outerwear for such sports, etc. These accessories tend to get rather high-priced, and are often purchased by those with pretty deep pockets (i.e., those who can afford to go away for such sports).


As I mentioned in the vacation section, electronics are huge sellers in the summer. Not so much as during the holidays, but still not bad. Remember that in addition to selling expensive cameras, Kindle devices, iPads and such, you can also sell the covers, cables and other accessories that go along with these. Really do your research on which devices sell best in which months, though, so you don’t waste your time selling a camera that’s out of date.

These ideas should help you get a pretty decent grip on what you can sell for the duration of the summer. Sure, it’s already August and summer is coming to an end, but lots of people vacation right before their kids go back to school, so this is an opportune time to start an ad campaign or social media blast for summer sales.

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