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Best Blog Themes for Internet Marketing

Best blog themes for internet marketing are often notBest blog themes the ones you would choose for a template of your choice, design-wise. Oftentimes, bloggers are drawn to fancy color schemes with flashy background graphics. While these are great themes for a college kid chronicling his life as he gets his journalism degree or a stay at home mom who loves to upload pictures of her kids, they’re not so ideal for someone who’s actually trying to make a living.

The problem with some of those themes is that they take a long time to load, they distract from the purpose of the website and they look like you didn’t make any effort to change the style. Because, in fact, you didn’t. That’s why this list of best blog themes will help you get your new blog started off right this year, as they are designed specifically with purposeful blogging in mind.

Best Blog Themes with Plain Styling

As an internet marketer, the best blog themes to choose from are those that have a simple color scheme and few preexisting graphics. If you choose a theme with a lot of “theme-ing,” so to speak, you run into the possibility of having to change your business logo or other site designs that would not match well with the color scheme.

For example, the Blogging Pro theme for WordPress looks much like an article directory or business news website, due to its orange and blue coloring, white background, below-the-logo ad placement and column options. The navigation bar is at the very top of the page, which keeps it out-of-the-way of your content.

If you’re more of a personal blogging expert, one of the best blog themes is Insense. Its blue, white and beige color scheme look both personable and professional, and is ideal for posting daily newsletters and updates.

Best Blog Themes with More Styling

Okay, so let’s say you’d like something slightly more stylish than the above options. A theme like Yoghourt for WordPress gives you the option of a left side navigation bar with tidbits about the author in the lower half of the column. It leaves the rest of the page open for actual content. The only drawback? It doesn’t allow for optimally placed ads or affiliate links like the above themes seem to .

Another one of the best blog themes to choose from is the Overstand theme. Featuring orange and black logo lettering, its black and white category headings with orange subheading text and gray accents give it a modernized retro feel that looks pretty amazing when it’s all put together. With three columns of space to work with, you’ve got a lot of options open to you with this theme.

Picking WordPress blog themes is fun on the one hand, but very time-consuming on the other. Choosing from a pre-approved list helps narrow down the process quite a bit. You can also spend time browsing other blogs and seeing which styles they use in order to better pattern yours after one of the best blog themes already in use.

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