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Banking Off Your Vacation – Part Three

In my two previous posts, you read about how to start a vacation website. You might choose between making a full website around one trip, or a continually changing website about several trips. Then, you realized there are more ways than one to fill your site with content and multimedia, especially if you leverage the use of social media networks.

Today, I would like to tackle the finale – the actual money-making end of the “how to make money from your vacation” model. After all, that’s kind of the most important part, wouldn’t you agree?

The Many Ways You Can Make Money from Vacations

Before we go forward, I would like to iterate that there really isn’t much difference between making money on just a plain old, regular website and your vacation website. The only difference in the beginning is that, you will actually have been present at the fun destinations on your vacation, whereas you might not have ever tried the products you promote on your website to make money.

Once you have your site up and running (and hopefully traffic is trickling through, too), you may choose from a number of different moneymaking models to instigate the flow of income. Here are just a few that I have used in the past.

Hotel Affiliate Programs: I have had some people book their entire vacations – flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. – through my affiliate links. I made sure that I chose credible affiliates to advertise on my website, otherwise people are going to click on the link and wonder if they’re giving their credit card info to a reputable institution. Don’t expect a deluge of vacation plans to go through your affiliate link doors, but once you do get someone making reservations through your link, you’ll notice that the returns are pretty sizeable.

Flight Deals: Just like hotel affiliate programs, readers make flight reservations through your flight affiliate programs as well. Again, pick name brand affiliates that users will recognize when they click on your affiliate link, or they’ll hesitate to fork over their credit card information. If you choose to place banners on your site instead, they will be able to recognize the brand immediately, but due to banner blindness, some people may choose to ignore the ads altogether. That’s the risk you take with the links versus ad banners option.

Contextual Ads: Contextual ads have gone in and out of style, especially as Google has changed their policies so often. However, there is more than one ad placement company to choose from in the contextual ad business, so you DO have options. This is probably the easiest way to make money on your vacation site. Granted, the return isn’t as high, but the odds of people clicking versus buying through a link are usually higher.

YouTube: Don’t forget that almost anyone can make money on YouTube videos now. Make slideshow videos and vlogs of your adventures, and your videos might receive hundreds, if not thousands, of views.


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