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autoresponderAutoresponders really take the weight off you when it comes to list management, and if you are in Internet Marketing, then you need Aweber, or Get Response – or any very good list management service. There’s lots of methods in keeping your list happy, and none more so interesting that this method.

When I signed up to a list the other day, I was greeted by the list owner with a regular auto response. Then two days later, they sent out a mailer which totally caught me off guard. Not because the content was alarming in any way (it was a regular promotion for a free guide), but because of the interactive content which had me replying straight away. It was almost compulsive.


The email detailed a free guide, which would be sent out to me automatically in twenty four hours. I read through the email, which was only about 10 lines long. Towards the bottom, I saw a link, which I clicked completely instinctively. Pretty much on impulse. Then a few seconds later, the sheer power of that little method hit me – how much could my autoresponder click thru rate benefit from this?!

Here’s the method: When you contact your list, and offer them something free, or even if you are giving them some news – you should not have them do ANYTHING to receive it. They shouldn’t have to click anything whatsoever. Just say you are sending it out via email in twenty four hours, or on a given date. Immediately the reader thinks “Oh, I will look out for that” – and then they continue to read. Lower down, instead of where the download link WOULD be – you include a question about the subject matter of the eBook/guide:

“The guide will discuss how to get free backlinks. Which backlink service (if any) do you currently use?

  • Backlink Bonanza
  • Backlink Heaven
  • I don’t use a backlink service”

It was a simple question, and each answer was linked. It was linked to the same sales page on the list owner’s site. On this sales page, it reviewed three good services (not backlinks!) and I felt compelled to read it. Why? I have no idea – possibly because I knew I was getting something free in 24 hours, or something else. Whatever it was – I knew I had to start asking questions in emails, instead of just including links!

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