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Article Submission List: Where to Submit Your Articles

Article submission list websites aren’t hard to findArticle submission list, but if you want only the best directories, you sometimes have to dig deep. Not only that, but ever since Google’s Farmer algorithms hit the engines last year, there has been a shift in which directories are actually the best.

If you’re looking for an article submission list from an expert, chances are that you’ll get several different opinions. For one, different affiliate experts have distinctive needs that influence which directories they recommend. This often has to with what each directory offers.

Article Submission List Best Inclusions

For the most part, Ezine Articles still tops the article submission list of most expert affiliates. Why? Because they are highly trafficked, have a (mostly) good score with Google and now have some of the strictest guidelines of any article directory. The only thing they still allow that doesn’t fall into a strict category is submitting your article to several sites, not just their own.

Websites like Articles Base come next in line. They have a very accessible author dashboard, they allow the use of several pen names and the articles you submit there sometimes enjoy a better click-through rate than at Ezine Articles. Why? Because they allow self-serving links to be distributed throughout the entire article, not just in the resource box. Many internet browsing individuals don’t bother to read to the very end of an article, so you risk getting a crippled click-through rate at Ezine Articles. You don’t take this risk at Articles Base, because they allow up to three self-serving links in the body of the article and two in the resource box. That’s why they make it to the top of many article submission list pages.

Article Submission List: Things to Watch for

Beware of article directories on article submission list pages that do not have a “do follow” code in their articles. Half the point of submitting articles to a directory is to get a good quality back link from the “do follow” code on a website more popular than yours. If you submit to a website without the “do follow” code, the only thing you have to gain is getting traffic from your article to your website or sales page.

There are plenty of mediocre article directories that are still worthy of inclusion on an article submission list simply because their website might be big enough to give you a good back link. Don’t count on getting a lot of traffic through these websites, as they often don’t rank that high in the search engines regardless of how well you strategize your keywords. But you can figure on building credibility on your own site from having that nice back link. Plus, if you post a link from that website to your social media feed, it doesn’t matter which site it’s on if you’re now relying on traffic from your profile instead of from the search engine.

You can compile a list of your own after determining which sites are your favorite to work with. You might even make money by posting your article submission list on your website to help others.

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