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Article Spinning Software: Should You Spin Articles?

Article spinning software is your best friend if you need to develop massive amounts of contentArticle spinning software in a short amount of time. Some article marketers overuse and abuse article spinning software and have given it a bad reputation in recent years. Not surprisingly, you might be hesitant to use it yourself not  knowing if it will be profitable for your business or not.

Software for spinning articles generally comes at a fair price. You’ll likely pay less than $100 for a program that will help you churn out 50 articles at a time. So the price really shouldn’t play into your decision too much, for, when used properly, it can be worth gold to your business. The trick is knowing how and when to employ the software, which we’ll touch on here in this guide.

What Does Article Spinning Software Do?

If you’re new to article spinning software, you’re probably wondering exactly what all the hype is about and how it can create 50 articles out of thin air. Well, it can’t. The process starts with an article written by a human, either you or a content professional that you hired, that is then plugged into the software. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’ve chosen weight loss as your marketing niche. After selecting the perfect ebook to promote, you wrote an article persuading readers to get on the weight loss bandwagon and visit your website. But it took you an hour and a half to churn out a 500-word article. At this rate, it will take you two months to produce enough to make a dent in the already inundated field of weight loss marketers.

So what do you do? You purchase article spinning software. Copy and paste the article you wrote into the software, then follow the instructions to replace several words in the article. Next, go through the article with the help of the software’s thesaurus, and select words that are very close to the ones you used in the article. For example, let’s assume you wrote the following sentence:

“Strength training helps you lose weight and build muscle at the same time.”

The thesaurus within the spinning software might recommend words like “assists,” “shed,” “pounds,” and “gain” to keep the meaning of the sentence intact while changing the actual wording so it doesn’t trip the plagiarism flag on the website you use to publish the article.

Once you hit “spin,” the above sentence might change to something like this:

“Strength training assists you in shedding pounds and gaining muscle simultaneously.”

You see, the sentence’s meaning didn’t change, but we switched out several words so that it doesn’t look like we used the same exact sentence. Once those values are given to the article, the spinner can switch out the words multiple times over, producing as many as 50 unique articles in some cases.

Abusing Article Spinning Software

You can see where article spinning software can really be a time saver. However, some writers get hasty and neglect to perform due diligence in staying grammatically correct. The above sentence could have gone wrong if not checked. For example, it could have read:

“Strength training assist you in shed pounds and gain muscle together.”

The words themselves convey the right meaning, but the tense is all out of whack. Always double check your articles for spelling and grammatical errors after sending them through article spinning software.

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