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Article Marketing Tips: How to Write Killer Articles

Article marketing tips help you drive traffic to your blog or website by informing you of how to write your articles such that they’re search article marketing tipsengine optimized. Anybody can throw together an article, but it’s the way you write it and how you structure it that determine how well it performs in the search engines. If it performs well in organic search, you have a much better chance of converting visitor traffic into sales.

Using these article marketing tips, you will more capably submit articles to article directories for distribution around the internet. You will also be able to add quality content to your own site using these same tips.

Article Marketing Tips to Improve Your Writing

You can optimize your article for search engine friendliness all you want, but if your article isn’t written for a real human being to read, you’re not going to convert views into sales. One of the biggest hang-ups in article marketing is the temptation to use high volume, low competition keywords that aren’t grammatically correct.

For instance, a keyword such as “change tire how to” might be a term that people search for thousands of times each month, but there’s no way you can actually fit it into a sentence in that syntax and have it sound natural. If you try to, it makes your article look like it was written by a non-native English speaker – or by someone who was trying to suck up to the search engines.

You don’t want to do that. To avoid this, use the article marketing tips that have to do with choosing the right keywords. You should pick keyword phrases that make sense grammatically. Choose phrases that fit perfectly into everyday conversation, as if you were to use them in a sentence in a conversation with your next door neighbor.

Using our tire example, you could select a keyword phrase such as “how to change a tire,” rather than “change tire how to.” You can create the article around the exact same topic without changing any of the content, but you’ll have made a much better impression on your audience than had you used the previous phrase.

Article Marketing Tips to Improve SEO

Now it’s time to talk a little about the location of your keyword phrase within the body of your article. The positioning of your keyword phrases has a lot to do with whether the previous article marketing tips will actually do you any good. True, using grammatically correct keyword phrases are necessary regardless, but you also need the proper placement.

First of all, you need the keyword phrase somewhere in your title. Generally, it works best if the phrase makes up the very first words in the title. You can add more words if necessary.

Secondly, use the keyword phrase in the summary of your article. Most article directories require a summary, and it’s a good idea to use the phrase here. The next few article marketing tips have to do with the article itself.

Your keyword phrase needs to find its way into the first sentence of the first paragraph of your article. Some marketers even want the keyword phrase to begin the sentence, which can be a challenge, depending on the phrase.

Include the keyword phrase at least five times in a 500-word article. This equals 1% keyword density, which is the density recommendation you’ll find in the article marketing tips of many article directories. Using these article marketing tips, you’ll improve both your readership and SEO.

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