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Are You Still Looking for LSI Keywords?

There are many ways to find related search terms for your products or services, or for the content you have on your yippyniche blog.

Google itself provides many great related search terms, and if you are looking deep into a niche already, Google will still throw out some good suggestions or related terms on the search page alone.

You may struggle sometimes to get keywords or keyphrases for a main niche, and that’s when Google’s not much help. Unless you use something like Google’s Wonder Wheel, though that can be a little bit of a pain when you need to copy and paste to export it from the page.

A website that doesn’t get a lot of coverage is Yippy.com, which shows clustered results of searches once you have searched for something. For example, when you search for the keyword “autoresponders” you are given the clustered results in the left sidebar. For this particular keyword, under just one cluster (the phrase “Email marketing”) there were results like:

Free Autoresponders
Email Marketing Campaigns
Email List Marketing
Email Newsletters
etc. etc.

Being in clusters means you can expand each ‘tree’ to display each of the terms in a list format. Expand them all, and you can copy and paste easily into your favoured application to manipulate (Excel for example).

This is ideal for people wishing to put together lists for tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Micro Niche finder etc. You simply edit your list – for example adding the keyword “autoresponders” to “smart” to form the keyphrase “smart autoresponders”, and you can then drag up lots of related keywords for your campaign.

People often misunderstand the need for cluster style search engines, but they can be very valuable. Just like any other search engine, they make mistakes and you get some irrelevant words in there – but for the most part, they are great as a tool.

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