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Anyone for Jiggling?

jiggling_the_webA little known, but very cool, little website called Jiggling the Web is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so.

By stripping away all the mumbo jumbo you have been fed by professional SEO companies, and giving you the straight facts about how you can rank your pages fast and easily, the website is getting critical and cult acclaim.

The site is written in a somewhat “off the wall” and informal manner, which makes it easy for newbies to get into, and is written by Michael Campbell, who devised the simple method in 2007.

The actual crux behind “Jiggling” is a solid social backlinking method. In essence, you are creating a buzz, which will become spider fodder, and get your site noticed fast. When you post an article on your blog, the real fun begins in getting it indexed and ranked. The process is fairly simple, and also has some more advanced methodology, but the general overview is thus:-

As soon as the post is created, you submit a snippet of this (which is a short excerpt of your post) to social news websites such as Digg and Reddit. You then bookmark these snippets with good quality social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Faves, and Google bookmarks. The key here is quality and not quantity. There are hundreds of bookmarking sites – but only a few will be around and stand the test of time.

Choose four or five at most. The next step is then to ping each of the RSS feeds generated by your bookmarking account. You do this with free services like Pingoat or Pingomatic, which are the most popular on the web. The method suggests pinging a couple of your bookmarks, and leaving the spiders to do the rest. This suggests natural SEO to the search engines, and they like it a lot more than a person who bookmarks 500 times, then pings each bookmark. Most of those bookmarks will be shortlived in Google terms, and relatively pointless.

The method then goes on to explain the ways to take the method deeper, and perform tagging rituals and other helpful techniques to get the spiders all over your site and social pods. All in all, the method is concise and extremely well written. Not only is it a must for anyone who is new to SEO, but also a must for all the seasoned veterans that have forgotten the simple stuff really works!


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