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Analytics and Keywords


I’d like to take a few moments to remind you just how to get the best out of your website, using a free tool that you may not even be taking full advantage of. Google Analytics has by far changed a lot of our lives, because it makes it very easy to analyze the minute details of every visit to your website.

Not only can you see who arrived at your site, but you can virtually track every movement they made, and this is an absolute Godsend to those of us who love statistics. Statistics decide how we move forward with our businesses by recording the past, and they can help eliminate all doubt of which direction to take next with your marketing, and with your revenue.

Although Google tracks your AdSense revenue only, you can of course use it to tie up the stats from your CPA accounts, or your Amazon account by having dedicated pages for certain advertising. Naturally this is not the only way to interpret your Google Analytics, because there are whole reams of uses for them. You can set up custom queries and check almost every aspect of your visitors patterns, and then some. So how do we use it to increase revenue and plan our next moves?

Google Analytics is good for tracking exact keyword entries for your site. In fact, that’s an understatement. If you want to know the keywords used to arrive and the amount of time they spent looking at that page, and then wanted to know where they went after doing so – then you can do that. You can also find out just how quickly they decided that the keyword was relevant or irrelevant. This also means a great deal to a future marketing campaign.

Let’s assume you have a home decor website, and somebody hit your website using a four word keyphrase. The content on the arrival page would dictate the course of action by the visitor. You would see them click a link on the page to visit another related page, or you would see them decide it wasn’t relevant enough and get a bounce (clicking the back button).

Naturally we can then decide whether to use that keyword again in a future article, or maybe even use it to create a whole different niche site. That keyword (the four word one) may bring you more traffic in a month than say, one of your primary keywords on the home page. So, you could design a mini site around the four word keyword, in the home decor niche, and then link to suitable products.

Using our past success to create new marketing plans is great, and much more rewarding than hunting for keywords that “might” work. You know you are getting traffic from a keyword – so why not capitalize? Add more of the same content, or create another site. Rely on your stats, always!

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