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An Introduction to Micro Marketing

micro_marketingBlogging is a classic example of a boom industry. There are people in the industry making a few dollars a week, and then there are people making thousands per day.

It all depends on scalability in the niche they choose, and if they are willing to scale the business at all.

We forget that some people actually blog for entertainment rather than profit!

Occasionally there are methods that seem too simple to be true, and you feel a ‘slap head’ moment coming on, because you wonder why you never thought of doing it before. A method that is rapidly becoming the smartest way of building relevant and paying traffic to your blogs, is ‘micro marketing’. When you micro market a blog, you are not trying to take a big share of the market.

You are looking at very small numbers, who are searching for content that you can provide, and building small SEO packages around them.

For example, when we look at the niche for dating – it is almost iron clad, and all the best keywords are sewn up. If we delve much deeper into the niche, and start pulling out keywords like ‘dating opening line’ which gets just 36 searches a month on Google, we see that people who are quite applicable to adverts on our websites are easily targeted with a minimal amount of SEO. These keywords generally have low Allintitle and low PR competition.

The idea is, you build a campaign out of HUNDREDS of these keywords. You have one main page, which is geared at a very high competition keyword, and then hundreds of sub pages that are related, yet very, very low competition, and have low monthly searches of 20 – 50.

This way, you are able to get 5000 searches a month to your site – whilst remaining extremely high in the rankings with your micro marketed keywords.

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