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Amazon: Which eCommerce Products You Should Be Promoting

Do you want to learn how you can increase your earnings with Amazon’s affiliate program? There’s one simple secret that can guarantee your success with Amazon. That is, to determine the right products to promote and Amazon has plenty of products to choose from.

The issue that many affiliate marketers encounter is how exactly to choose which eCommerce products you should be promoting. With all the products that Amazon has you can’t just choose any product and expect to earn a lot simply by promoting it. In order to find the product that would be most profitable for you to promote there are couple things to be on the look for.

Physical or Digital Products: Which Type Should You Choose?

There are several reasons that you should consider promoting physical products instead of digital ones. For example one reason physical products have more credibility than digital ones is because people love to buy some of the most popular brands that they see advertised all around them.

Another reason is because many people like to have something that is tangible, something they can hold in their hands like a CD, or a book, etc. Most people prefer the actual feeling of shopping they get when they can hold an item then if they can’t. Plus, most physical products have a higher commission than digital products since they usually cost more.

Products That Match Your Content

If you run a website or a blog then you will need to pick items that match the topic of your site or blog. With all the products Amazon provides you can easily narrow down your choices to pick products with specific keywords or in a category that matches the topic of your website.

You can also consider product cross-merchandising. This is a method that is used to choose products that range across Amazon’s entire catalog. For example, if your site is about cooking and you are featuring a cookbook as a product then you can feature other relevant products like cooking utensils and appliances.

Products That You Use

The best person to sell a product is someone who has used it already and knows the advantages and disadvantages. If you have personally used a product and think your readers would enjoy it then tell them about it.

Consumers love products that come with reviews and if you haven’t tried the product or service you’re trying to sell out for yourself then your audience may be less likely to purchase it from you. Along with being able to give your own testimony and directing sales to the product you’re promoting you can also help establish you and your website as a trustworthy source.

Products on Amazon’s Bestseller Lists

If you don’t have the ability to test out the products you’re promoting or simply don’t want to then Amazon has you covered. The good thing about Amazon is that you can promote virtually any product that Amazon sells online.

Although their commission rates are pretty low when you first start out when compared to other digital affiliate programs, you have the option to boost your commission rates by selling a high quantity of low-cost products.Or, you can sell very expensive items that you will make a high commission off of. In addition to the products you refer consumers to you also earn commission off of every purchase your customer makes on Amazon through your affiliate link.

For example, if a customer clicks on a link of yours for a digital camera but decide not to purchase it once they reach Amazon anything else they decide to buy, even if it’s not related to cameras, you get to make a commission on.

Amazon’s Best Sellers list is a great way to find hot physical products and niches that are selling like crazy. You can see the best-selling products from any category and even see how many days the particular product has been in the Top 100 in its category.

Search by categories so that you can get a good idea what items are in high demand. You will have access to a variety of stats like how long it’s been at the top of the best sellers list as well as facts like what other things shoppers purchase after they buy that product.

Not only is this free data the sort of data affiliates should be interested in it also let’s you have a look at the items consumer wish for most. It’s a way of finding products that people really want so you can figure out how to get it out in front of them.

If you want to be a successful Amazon affiliate then you obviously want to promote products that sell well and if a product belongs to the best seller list, then you know it is a great product to promote and you will see a significant difference in your earning when you compare the number of best seller items you sell compared to non-best seller items you promote.

Evergreen Products

Besides searching for popular products, in order to find a profitable physical product you have to check whether the product is evergreen or seasonal. An evergreen product is one that will consumers will be looking for no matter what time of the year it is while seasonal products see lots of interest only on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s.

One method to verify if a product is evergreen or seasonal is to use Google Insights. Google Insights provides a detailed look at the current trends in different niches so you can determine which evergreen niche is most popular.

The reason why you want to choose an evergreen niche is so you don’t have to worry about your sales suddenly dropping during unseasonal parts of the year. While you can promote seasonal products and make a nice amount of cash, you shouldn’t rely on them as a continuous source of income.

Products Whose Demand is High

If you want to be successful as an Amazon affiliate you have to promote products that are in demand. If there isn’t enough demand for a specific product than you won’t make near the amount of sales that you could make with a product that shoppers are actively looking for.

Since you will use search engine for your product promotion, you need to make sure that the product you choose has good number of search in Google. Just make some keyword research once you find your potential Amazon product that you want to promote by the product name as a keyword. If you see more than 1000 global monthly search, it means that you can potentially make some money from promoting this product.

You can also find out if a product is in high demand by checking Amazon to see if it has any reviews. If the product has high review rating, but only 3 people are actually reviewing the product, it means that the rating is not accurate enough to determine the overall product quality so you wouldn’t want to choose a product with so few reviews. That’s why you need to choose product with more than 20 reviews. As long as the first 5 reviews give a positive rating for the product you should be good to go.

When in Doubt, Check Out the Competition

If you still don’t know which products you should be promoting a simple way to decide is by looking at what other people in your niche are promoting. Usually all it takes is a quick glance down the sidebar of other successful blogs or websites in your niche and seeing what products or services they are advertising and it could point you in the direction of which products or services you should be promoting.

Ask Your Readers

If you are still having trouble trying to figure out some products that would be good to promote then just ask your readers. You can give them polls or simply ask them to comment in the comments section about what types of products they are interested in. It is a great way for you to find out exactly what your audience is in need of and help build your relationship with your readers since they will appreciate you wanting to get to know them and engaging them.


If you are considering venturing into affiliate marketing, finding a profitable product should be the first and most important step you take. As an Amazon affiliate you have a wide array of products to choose from so you should have no problem being able to be successful in your search for the perfect products to choose.

You can also benefit from promoting Amazon products since Amazon is already established as a reputable company. People are not afraid to purchase from Amazon because they know their reputation and as an affiliate they will trust you as well. By choosing the right Amazon product to promote you will increase your commissions and find it easier to generate the sales you’ve been looking for.

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