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A Suggestion is Worth a Thousand Words

suggestionsGoogle’s suggestion tool has got its flaws – just like any other tool. For instance it can make you very unproductive. The problem with suggestions is that when somebody makes them, you tend to explore the possibilities of said suggestion.

If you emailed me and said you have a good idea for an eBook about cool keyword suggestion tools – and I ‘suggested’ you take a look at some of the tools over at SEOBook.com as they have some cool API methods… you would then go over to SEOBook and begin playing with their little apps.

This is fine. But Google’s suggestions can lead you on a big wide tangent that ends up quite far removed from the original topic!

If you typed into Google “how can I” you will see some pretty strange results (depending on which server Google is displaying data from) like “how can I keep from singing lyrics”. Usually what happens here, is you will click on one of the strange sounding suggestions, and end up five niches away from where you started.

With all this in mind, here is some cool little tips that will assist you with suggestions:

  1. Try using http://www.promediacorp.com/suggester/ for the suggestions in the first instance, as this tool digs a few levels deep. There are paid tools out there that do not offer this kind of in depth digging, so it is well worth a bookmark ad a mention here
  2. Once you have got your suggestions, paste them all into a text file, and then use a duplicate remover (mentioned in today’s blog) like iwebTools Quick Dedupe. By continually keeping your list clean, you don’t run the risk of backtracking across niches you already explored a few days ago
  3. Whilst this software is still available (and free) download it and use it. http://www.zeta-sw.com/zga/ this tool will enable you to combine your suggestions, to then re-feed the above tools and find those elusive niche keywords.

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