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A New Way to Look at Generating Traffic

Driving traffic to your website can be an absolutely maddening experience for some. That’s because most people treat traffic generation like a game of chance. They’ll try a few things that they read somewhere in hopes that it works out with no real strategy in place.

How is it that the big name marketers can launch a site and suddenly, as if by magic, the site will start receiving tons of traffic. They aren’t using “secret techniques” that you aren’t privy too. We can’t blame it on the size of their marketing budget either, because most of them started out with very little, just like the majority of aspiring internet marketers.

The biggest difference is, that they treat gaining traffic like a science. They don’t leave anything up to chance and track every bit of data they can get their hands on.

Today, I’m going to help you look at traffic acquisition in a new light.

Where Your Traffic Comes From

Before we delve into a traffic solution, it’s important to have a solid grasp of the basics and to understand where your traffic will actually come from. Traffic strategies generally fall under one of four different methods;

Organic – Utilizes content and SEO to rank pages of a site so that they appear at the top of search queries for highly sought after keywords.

Referrals – This method requires that a link to your site appear in places across the web that point to your site. Referrals can come in countless different ways, such as from backlinks posted on forums or in the comment section on high traffic blogs that you manually placed or from other site owners that simply enjoy your content and add a link to your website from one of their blog posts.

Partnerships – Partnerships operate as a two way street. You will generally work with a second party to build a mutually beneficial relationship (you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours). Again, there are countless ways to utilize this method.

For instance, you could reach out to a key influencer within your niche and pay them to promote your site to their list of subscribers. However, there are ways to create a mutually beneficial partnership without having to cost you a penny, such as cross promotion where they promote your product and you promote theirs.

Advertising – Unlike organic, referral, or partnership traffic, advertising can yield results almost instantaneously. Ads require minimal work to set up, but a sizable investment may be needed in order to keep this method afloat.

Each method will require different techniques in order to fully utilize, but regardless of which method you choose to follow, the end goal remains the same; to drive as many highly converting unique visitors to your website as possible.

In life, nothing comes for free. Though it may not necessarily be monetary, each method will cost you something different. Increasing the rank of your pages in order boost organic traffic or building referrals can be done completely free, but will usually require an investment in time and effort.

To some, this is appealing as it saves their marketing budget for other endeavors, but to others, it isn’t ideal. Your personal situation will usually dictate what method will fit your needs the best.

It really doesn’t matter what method you decide to focus on as they can all provide results. Heck, if you have the time and money, you can focus on all four simultaneously.

However, if you’re first starting out, it’s important to remember that the different traffic strategies that fall under each method will all require a great deal of technical skill to master, so it may be best to focus the bulk of your efforts on getting really good at one.

Simple 5 Step Solution for Driving Traffic

Now it’s time to talk about how you can use these 4 methods more effectively. Below I’ve outlined a 5 step process that will help guide your actions and decision making when initiating your traffic building campaigns.

Step 1 – Identify Which of the 4 methods You are Going to Use

There is no right or wrong method to choose as the answer will typically depend on your personal preferences, technical skill, and the resources that you have at your disposal.

Just because you have a sizeable marketing budget doesn’t automatically mean that you should invest in advertising. You could just as easily put that money towards hiring a content writer to create blog posts that you use to gain organic traffic or to help spread across the web in order to gain referral traffic.

Each method has its pros and cons, so it’s important to thoroughly conclude what method would suit your needs the best prior to starting a campaign.

Step 2 – Create Your Overall Strategy to Help Guide Your Actions

Perhaps you’re aim is to reach 200 sales a month at a conversion rate of 2%, then you’d need to draw approximately 10,000 unique visitors to your website every single month. Awesome – but how do you plan on actually doing that?

Start by subtracting your current amount of traffic from 10,000. If you’re already receiving 1,000 views per month, then you need to make up the difference (9,000). Then decide on which tactics you can use that will yield that amount.

Here’s an example (yes, more math is involved);

Let’s say that there is a target keyword within your niche that receives 15,000 monthly searches. You’ll need to rank for that keyword and receive at least 60% of the clicks from the traffic that searches for that specific keyword phrase to hit your goal of 10,000.

Here’s another example;

Perhaps you are running an ad campaign that requires you to pay $1 for every 10 clicks. You would need to invest at least $900 to hit your sum of 10,000 unique visitors for that month.

You must also take into account the cost vs reward (i.e. is it converting?)

If your ad campaign only converts at .2%, and your product is $47, then you will have spent $900 to make $846. That’s not exactly a solid investment.

If you get millions of unique visitors from one source, but those visitors fail to convert, then you’re simply wasting your resources on a traffic source that doesn’t benefit your business.

Step 3 – Narrow Down the Individual Traffic Channels

Measure the performance of each channel and determine what you can do to improve them. If you’ve decided to focus on advertising traffic from Facebook, you’ll need to come up with ideas on how to maximize your efforts, such as increasing the number of posts you create, add in enticing headlines, add images to posts, etc.

If you’re shooting for more organic traffic, then you could aim to acquire more high PR backlinks or fix the format of your website so that it is more search engine friendly.

Again, there are literally countless strategies that can be applied for each method, so it’s important to be up to date on techniques that will help you improve your campaign.

Step 4 – Take What Works and Scale Up

Find what your “winning tactics” are and continue to repeat the process. If you know that your ad receives 3 clicks for every $1 and a conversion rate of 2%, then in order to hit your goal, you’ll need to increase your budget to $3,000 a month in order to reach your goal of adding an additional 9,000 unique views a month.

That’s a pretty big budget for a new website.

Unless you realize that if you were selling a $47 product, you’d net $8,460 for every $3,000 you spent. That’s an extra $3,460 in your pocket every single month!

Sometimes scaling up may sound scary because of the big figures, but the gain can be substantial!

Step 5 – Test, Test, Test

This is the only way you’ll be able to discover new tactics in order to maximize your return on your investment. You should always look for new ideas that will give you better results for less money / time invested.

Even the smallest improvements can make a big difference over time.


There is a science behind gaining traffic. The foremost experts in the field look at traffic acquisition similar to a math problem that needs to be solved.

Honestly, it may take you a while to catch on, but once you find a winning concept, you’ll be able to improve your traffic and your revenue beyond your wildest dreams if you treat it like a science instead of a game of chance.

There has to be a strategy or game plan in place. Then you can take the information provided to you and work to continuously improve. By doing this, not only will you be able to meet your expectations, but you’ll be able to repeat the process over and over again.

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