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A Lesson From the Spammers

As much as we hate those guys, you have a lot to thank spammers for. At least, you have a lot to learn from them. learn_from_spammersDon’t believe me? Well, the basic principle a spammer works on is that if he throws enough…ah, sticky stuff, then at least some of it will stick. The spammer sits in his basement, on a PC that is only set up for these junk emails and junk links, and he willingly blasts our inbox into oblivion.

Small wonder that one of the first things a brand new computer owner looks for online is Spyware or Spam eradication. Anyway, back to our spammer, and he is emailing millions upon millions of people daily. Gleaming email addresses from websites where the unsuspecting author has put his address for some help possibly, or for somebody to send over some information they desperately need.

Have you learned anything yet?

The spammer plays a numbers game. Out of millions of failed emails, that guy has only got to get ONE response in order to make a profit. He is literally only taking his time up in order to send these emails. Yes, you could argue that his ISP costs him money, and his electricity – but we will not split hairs. The spammer is basically playing a numbers game with something that costs absoloutley nothing. A bot will tramp the internet and harvest the email addresses, and then his emailing software will do the rest. Cost? Zero.

Have you learned anything yet?

Hopefully you are learning that with your PC, you have access to free methods of marketing, and you do not have to work more than a few moments to use it (and use it wisely). You can get free marketing tomorrow, and use it until you are blue in the face (forums, chatboards, guestbooks, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). These places take time, but if you are doing things manually, you are including the one ingredient the spammer misses, and subsequently will fail – and that thing is TRUST. Go out, and strike up some conversations… it’s free – and heck, throw enough “stuff”, and some of it sure will stick!

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