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A Different Approach to Unique Content

different_waysThere are many ninja tricks when it comes to content, and there are also lots of quality sources for articles and blog posts, if you look in the right places. A very quick and easy method was mentioned on a forum not so long ago that I think deserves some extra credence for how clever it really is.

You may have seen the Google Translation method, which enables you to get unique content for your website by simply finding a German, Spanish or any other foreign article on your subject, and then by using Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish to convert to English. This is all well and good, but the final articles require some editing until they are copy ready.

Another method was to actually translate the original article a few times, from one language, to another, then to a different one, and then back to English. This does not work so well. Whilst this technique is slightly flawed, and many people stop right there (because it still involves some time on the developer’s part) the method can be altered slightly to enable you to get a 300 word article for about $2.00.

If you are able to source good foreign articles (there are many article directories in all languages – simply search Google for “article directory” in the appropriate language), then all you need to do is take those articles, and then translate as you normally would using the above translators. The next step is something that people overlook, and it really is a head slapping moment.

The translated articles now need a little bit of editing to read perfectly in English. Did you know that article writers will charge only around $1.50 – $2.00 for this type of service, on sites like Freelancer.com? The articles simply need adjusting from sentence to sentence, moving words around and adding/subtracting words to bring it in line with sensible English grammar and comprehension. This will take a GOOD native English article writer around 10 minutes for a 300 word article. Therefore, you can pay for 10 minutes work – which equates to about $2.00!

Another spin on this, is actually paying for translation, although this can run to $3.00 per article. When you compare this to the $5 – $7 for 300 word native English speaking articles, you can of course see the value. You also know that the translator can do this very quickly, because they have all the content right in front of them.

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