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A Deadline for Success

There’s a lot you can learn from just looking around at the successful blogs out there. One thing you will certainly learn ishow_much_time_for_success that (just like any industry) your chances of earning a five figure income from your blog every month INSTANTLY are very slim, unless you are willing to put in the amount of effort your peers have to get where they are today.

There are no magic bullets, and there are no buttons that once pressed, deliver money straight to your account. The amount of effort required to get your first $1000 can often be enough to put most people off, never to return – or worse still – jumping from one opportunity to another. So how long would it take a part time marketer to get where they want to be?

A friend of mine told me the other day that a blog he created (with zero content) was busy ranking itself on Google, whilst he had never once updated it, and completely forgot about it. The website had a keyword for a domain name and a title, and nothing else. It truly was a basic, bare blog, and he’d managed to get it ranked on page one, with around 300 page views every month. He told me that he genuinely forgot to do anything with the blog, after getting snowed under with other projects, and wished he’d had the time to develop it.

Over six months, the site had ranked itself page one, with no content, and no SEO. The lesson I took away from this is: If more new marketers had the patience to develop a blog over six months, they would see that you should literally stick to ONE thing, and one thing only. If a blog can rank itself for a keyword in six months, you can build on those foundations to create a startlingly good business. If you knew, for example, that come what may, your blog would rank page one for at least one keyword, then you would have a basic target to aim for – 6 months or bust. Right?

The problem with most people is they want instant money, and it’s not always possible. However, if you start small, with just ONE easy to rank for keyword, then you are golden. In 6 months you can expect more than just one page one result – you just have to have the patience. Build up your reputation over those 6 months, and build up your content. Its very easy to do, if you just keep at it, and remember the end goal can be just a few months away. By setting an easy target like this, you will very rarely be disappointed.

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