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8 Reasons to Jump on the Webinar Bandwagon

Before the arrival of the webinar, it was customary for a business to convey their message to a large group by holding a seminar or conference. The only issue with this approach, to attend, all participants were required to travel to the set location. Today, we have a more powerful tool at our fingertips, the old way of doing things has been replaced with something much more efficient.

An online seminar, also known as a webinar, is the modern way that smart businesses reach larger audiences without the added time and expense of having guests travel to a physical destination. Webinars are being used for a variety of purposes. Businesses are hosting web-based conferences, lectures and seminars, as well as, sales and marketing presentations. This dynamic online venue offers benefits for every industry. Worthwhile reasons to jump on the webinar bandwagon include:

Grow Your List of Business Contacts

Hosting a webinar is a great way for a new business to introduce itself and start building its brand. The visual nature of the medium allows the audience to put a face to the name as they actively engage with the speaker. This live interaction helps build credibility and establishes a connection between participants and presenters. In addition, a successful webinar is a good medium for attracting new contacts.

The following are some great tips for crafting a great webinar that will help increase your contact list:

  • Use Facebook Ads: Start advertising a week in advance to encourage registrants
  • Utilize a page builder: Use a creative template and get the most out of the available integrations and functionalities
  • Develop a visual presentation: Engage registrants with compelling images and very little text
  • Send out email reminders: This promotes live participation
  • Record your live webinar: Make it accessible to those who could not attend live

Boost Brand Authority

In a booming, over-saturated market it is vital that your business sticks out far beyond all the noisy competition. Web-based seminars are great image-building tools that allow business experts the opportunity to demonstrate why they are the solution to your industry-related problems.

When a potential attendee visits your landing page, images of your brand should be visible everywhere. This refers to your motto, logo, and having a clearly recognizable message. During your webinar, viewers should feel at ease because they are entering familiar territory. They will already be familiar with your standard colors, the way you approach potential customers and what your products say about your company. This approach will increase the chance that participants will make a purchase in the end.

Most of the time, there is a standard webinar platform that can get very dull for your viewers, especially if they regularly attend your presentations. Ensure proper branding to not only make your company more attractive than the rest but also so your webinars will remain worthwhile and engaging.

Showcase a Product or Service

A live presentation, such as a webinar, is the perfect platform to demonstrate, promote and sell products and services. Books and videos are great items to endorse through a webinar because it is easy for the speaker to refer to specific clips from pages or video, that the business is trying to promote. When the presentation is over, viewers are either directed to the purchase site or provided further information on how to buy the product.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Webinars make business communication more personal and can be used to interact with your existing client base. Web meetings can be hosted to launch new product releases or updates, hold question and answer sessions, or for client training workshops.

Save Money and Time

Webinars help keep costs down by sparing you all those seminars or conference-related expenses. Instead of having to spend money on convention halls and conference rooms, your speaker can host a webinar from their home base or office. Participants can attend and interact from wherever they may be located. This also eliminates the need for hefty travel fees.

Add More Value to Your Business

To stay competitive in this globalized economy, every business needs to find a way to stand out and focus on their unique edge. The video advantage allows the opportunity to cement a global presence. It provides a broader reach and greater support for employees working remotely. Companies can now recruit the best employees and keep them onboard, which allows them to provide better service and expand their business.

 Boost Profit Margins

It is possible to make a good profit hosting regular webinars. If your company features an expert speaking on a hot industry topic, you can charge a fee for participants to attend, and even offer pre-recorded downloads for purchase.

Industry experts are respected for their opinions. If your speaker is good at presenting the desired topic, you will do well, and your business will get the recognition it deserves. When consumers see you as an expert in your field, they purchase your products and services.

It is possible to make a killing in one webinar, either by teaching your audience how to do something or by pitching your goods when the presentation is over. Whichever your goal, you can grab the viewer attention and rest assured about 5-25 percent of your audience will buy.

Another way to earn revenue is with DVDs. There is still a market for this medium, not everyone chooses to stream videos over the web. With a small amount of effort, you can transform your recorded webinar into a DVD format and make it available for sale.

Capture Quality Leads

Hosting webinars online presents great opportunities for your sales and marketing teams to collect new leads. It is common for businesses to make it a requirement for participants to register beforehand. This allows them to gather vital customer information that can be used for future follow up.

Final Word

Obviously, there are many valuable reasons for businesses to jump on the webinar bandwagon. It is a dynamic and engaging way to connect with people across the globe. Regardless of how you plan to use this video technology, it is a great tool for promoting business growth, retaining relationships, and reaching out to new leads.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips webinar strategies that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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