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7 Things to Make Personalization Marketing Work for You

Finding the key to your marketing method is extremely critical to your business. If you want to reach the biggest audience you can and gain customers that want to return a great way to do this is through personalized marketing. Personalized marketing is the ultimate form of targeted marketing and here are just a few ways you can make it work for your business.

Personalize Your Emails

Many believe that social media is the best way to reach today’s audience but the truth is that email still holds a lot of power and social influence. In a study by SocialTwist done over an 18-month period where they monitored 119 brand and company campaigns they found that their email campaigns had a significant advantage in converting new customers when compared to Facebook or Twitter.

The practice of using personalized emails to get your message to potential customers is extremely useful but be careful to not get too personal with your emails because some people are very wary of opening emails addressed to them that contain their name. Email marketing is a relationship with your customers. You want them to trust you and not feel weird or put off by your attempts to get them to open your email.In real life intimacy is earned and the same goes for email marketing. The best way to earn that intimacy is by finding out what their specific needs are and provide them.

Create Personalized Content

When determining your message you want to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Don’t fill it full of fluff words because it will just deter potential customers from wanting to even finish reading your message. A great message lets the audience know who it is targeted towards, what problem the product or service will be solving and why it is great for them.

Similarly creating new content or modifying old content to address their specific needs can create a more personal experience for potential customers and will keep them coming back because of that established relationship.

Give Away Free Things That Meet Their Unique Needs

Consumers love free stuff. Let me repeat that consumers love free stuff. Whether it is a free eBook, a free template, or even things like free wallpaper. Determine who your target customers are and create a product or a tool they can use that can help and benefit them personally.

Another option to increase your personalized marketing efforts is by creating a loyalty program where you give away items or provide deals and discounts will encourage your customers to come back on a regular basis as well as get them to send over potential customers through referral programs.

Setup Your Website So That It Remembers Visitors Preferences

Personalize your apps as well if you have any. Many companies like Netflix have started letting their customers create their own profiles and customize their settings, likes and dislikes. Creating a targeted landing page that is unique to your visitor is a great way to ensure that they will return to your website. Make the language and the message on your website address their specific needs.

Have a Personal Call-to-Action

We’ve all seen the ads that ask you questions like; “Do you feel tired often? Do you sometimes not want to get out of bed? If so, then you should purchase our product.” The reason why these methods work in generating sales is because they create a connection with their audience by asking questions that will get to know them then they get them to buy simply telling them to buy.

If you are marketing to an audience but never actually tell them to take action they won’t and you would have missed out on a sale. Personalized call-to-actions are a great way to generate sales and connect to your audience.

Personalize Social Media Content

Social media is still a largely untapped source of receiving relevant information about customers. Social gifting, product sharing, when done right social marketing has a huge potential to bring in customers and since their friends can see their actions it can bring them in as well.

Cross reference their interests, likes and dislikes and see what they’re saying about your business. Responding to your prospects and customers on social media is a great way to increase customer interaction and will make them feel like they have a relationship with your business.

Many consumers go to social media sites when researching a business’ product or service and if they see that that business is very interactive on social media and is run by actual humans instead of automated they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Increase your interaction by answering their questions and responding to any comments they have made. If any current customers have a problem address their issues immediately which will show your customers that you are concerned about them and available to help them resolve any problems may have quickly and efficiently.

Use Tools Designed to Personalize Your Audience’s Experience

In the past personalized marketing was possible by taking surveys and sending past customers letters. Today, the era of receiving information on-demand and being able to customize everything there’s no shortage of products, services and tools that will take your marketing efforts to the next level and produce a better relationship between you and your customers. Some good tools that are easy to use are:

  • Visitor.js. A script that provides you with information about a visitor’s location, device their using and more which you can use to increase your websites appeal and improve sales by personalizing your web pages.
  • Mention. A real-time social media marketing tool that monitors web pages, social networks, and news outlets so whenever someone mentions you, you can respond almost immediately which shows that you are very interactive and quick to respond.
  • Followerwonk. An analytic tool for Twitter analyzes your followers and determines where they are located, the times that they tweet and if they are following your competition. You can use this information to adjust your marketing strategies to reach your audience at the best time.
  • AgoraPulse. This is perfect for businesses with a Facebook page. It is an app that ranks your follower based off of their interaction and makes personalized content recommendations to your followers. You can also create custom apps for your page like quizzes and contests to increase traffic and engage your fans. It produces real-time statistics that measure performance and compares your data to your competitors.
  • Viralheat. This is a great social management platform that was developed to monitor conversations, identify trends, and help you discover ways you can engage your followers better.


There’s no limit to the ways you can create a more personalized relationship with your customers. These seven ways to enhance your personalization marketing are only a small amount of the possibilities so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start getting personal.

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