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6 Tips for Creating a Super-Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation has changed drastically over the last 5-10 years. The evolution of digital marketing has made it easier than ever for businesses and marketers to generate leads at an accelerated pace.

This movement has also led to lead generation becoming much cheaper than it has ever been before, which is mostly due to the fact that the emphasis on paid advertising is slowly dissolving.

As Ryan Lynch of Hubspot tells us, we are currently living in an age where your audience wants their attention earned instead of bought.

Consumers want you to prove to them that you have what they need, instead of relying on a fancy advertisement to let them know.

Another major advantage of this current age in lead generation is that even the smallest of businesses can experience significant growth in a very short amount of time.

Never before has there been a better opportunity for solopreneurs and small businesses to compete with major brands that have dominated spaces for years.

But how can this be done? How can you create a super-effective lead generation strategy that allows you to compete with the big dogs of your industry?

Let’s take a look at six tips that can help you get started developing a successful lead generation strategy:

Give Away Your Best Content

Giving away something for free has become a customary part of the lead generation process for most businesses and marketers today.

Things like ebooks, white papers, case studies, and research reports are almost always given away as a ‘gift’ in exchange for an email address.

The one problem that many businesses have when they do this, however, is that they are not giving away their best content.

So many people fear that they will give away too much information if they go all out on something that they are giving away entirely for free.

This is a ridiculous thought that has been proven wrong repeatedly by successful digital entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi, Neil Patel, and Joe Pulizzi.

Not only is it going to allow you to generate subscribers to your email list and visitors to your pages, but you are also setting yourself up for the powerful law of reciprocation.

Make Every Page on Your Site a Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses and marketers can make is creating confusion or making it difficult for potential customers to become leads.

Hubspot recently pointed out in a post that 55% of visitors will leave your website within 15 seconds.

What if they happen to be on a page where they read a small amount of content in those 15 seconds but are not aware of where to go from there?

Chances are they will leave. And what happens when they leave? They do not come back.

It should be understood that a fine line has to be walked here. Overloading your website with buttons and call-to-actions can definitely annoy your readers.

But it is absolutely essential that you provide the opportunity for your visitors to convert into a lead no matter where they are on your site.

This can be done in a variety of different ways. Evergage says that three of the more popular ways to do this include header bars, popups, and in-line messages.

Use Pop-ups

Websites that featured pop-ups used to be shunned heavily by visitors. Companies and software were even created to help consumers limit this phenomenon.

Today, however, pop-ups are one of the most effective and most commonly used ways for businesses to generate leads.

The team at Sales Blend swear by the strategy of using pop-ups to gain emails from visitors, which in turn means generating leads.

Using this method generally works best when combined with effective email marketing.

If you are capturing visitors’ emails, it is important that you have some autoresponders in place that can help to guide your subscribers through your unique sales funnel.

Jeremy Reeves of Daily Egg provides an informative guide for creating a successful autoresponder if you are unsure of how to do so.

Personalize the Experience

Today’s world is filled with entitled people. While that may sound like a negative thing for your business, knowing this from the beginning can undoubtedly help with lead generation.

At the end of the day, consumers want to be catered to in every way possible. People enjoy working with people that are like them or, at the very least, understand them.

When you are able to personalize your marketing techniques, you can portray to potential customers that you do understand them and can therefore take care of their wants and needs.

But how do you do this? How do you personalize these experiences?

The easiest way is by using data and surveys to develop an understanding of your customers that goes beyond simple demographics.

As Paul Houston from Business2Community says, “It is crucial to know your customer and communicate with them in the right tone and at the right time.”

Doing so allows you to ensure that your message is not only being understood, but more importantly being paid attention to.

Partner With Authority Figures

One of the fastest ways that you can generate leads for your business is by partnering with authority figures in your industry.

This partnership should enable you to become known to their current subscribers, visitors, and customers, and therefore potentially become a lead in your sales funnel as well.

Creating these partnerships is not an easy process, but it is also not quite as difficult as many people tend to believe.

The biggest aspect of getting an authority figure to agree to partner with you is that you have to provide them with something of value, in the same way that you would to develop leads with your target market.

This is something that is going to take a great deal of time to figure out and personalizing your communication with them with be a key part of this.

Understand that most people are going to value the loyalty of their customers and subscribers much more than they will the opportunity to make a quick buck by partnering with you.

What this means is that you usually will not be able to just say, “Hey, I have a decent size list and you have a decent size list, why don’t we promote each other?”

For more information about the best way to go about this process, fitness expert Kate McKay wrote a great article featured on Entrepreneur.com that you would be wise to check out.

Study Analytics

Analytics are becoming incredibly important for creating effective lead generation strategies.

The reason for this is because data allows you to compare different strategies, copy, and other things to make improvements that allow you to maximize optimization on your website.

Simply sticking to your guns and not testing different ways to generate leads is going to prevent growth and leave your strategy in a stagnant phase.

The best part about the testing process is that it will show you exactly where you should be focusing the most energy and manpower.

This will make your lead generation process much more efficient in the long term and will also allow you to ensure that you are maximizing your potential.

Google Analytics is a free option for studying your analytics, although there are paid options like Crazy Egg that can give you even more information to help you create the most effective strategy possible.


At the end of the day, the most important aspect of creating a super-effective lead generation strategy is that you make the commitment to never stop improving.

As you know, leads are absolutely essential to your business because of the fact that they can eventually turn into sales and therefore profit for your business.

And, as Mark Cuban says, “Sales cure all!”

Commit to implementing these six tips into your next lead generation strategy and you will surely find your quantity of leads raising significantly.

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