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The 6 Basic Principles of Internet Marketing

The 6 Basic Principles of Internet Marketing Success

You may have heard the stories before; so and so makes (insert amount) every month from internet marketing.  Although many are vastly inflating their income in order to be perceived as an expert, others truly are making a small fortune each and every month from online earnings.  Let’s be honest, it’s not as easy as some may portray.  If it were, then everyone would be doing it, right?  However, it’s not as complex as astrophysics either.  You don’t have to be born a genius or part of the intellectually elite to earn a living through internet marketing.  Believe it or not, success only boils down to a few basic principles.  Albeit, you have to become really really good at applying these principles in order to garner the type of lifestyle you read about online, it is absolutely attainable for the average joe.  It shouldn’t take a lifetime to learn and you absolutely shouldn’t have to shell out your life savings for courses and techniques by so called “gurus”.

Principle #1 – This may be counter intuitive to what some others may say, but I believe you should target a niche the you are interested in.  Some will say this is incorrect and that you should “follow the money niches”, but as long as you know that this niche has a large following, then you should be fine.  Internet marketing has a massive turnover rate because people quit prematurely.  If you are creating a product or producing content in a niche that you strongly enjoy, then you won’t see it as a chore, and will be far more likely to stick with it.

Principle #2  Now that you’ve found your niche, it is time to dig deeper.  You must discover what problems the people within your niche (your target audience) are facing.  For instance, one of the hottest fitness products as of the last decade has been P90x.  Why?  There must fill a need or fix a problem that people must have.  Let’s look at the target audience for answers;

  • People want to lose weight and get fit.  P90x offers a method for both.
  • Many people want to workout from the convenience of their own home.  Gyms can be expensive and intrusive.  P90x is a dvd set that allows consumers to workout at home.
  • People want things done quickly.  No one wants to workout for 3 hours a day, so the intensity of the workout must be high.  P90x offers short, intense workouts so consumers can get fit while working out for a shorter duration.

P90x addresses all of these problems.  So, it’s no wonder it is so successful, it fixes many of the problems that people within the weight loss niche are suffering from.

Principle #3 – Fix the problem! You don’t even need to re-invent the wheel either.  If others have already done it, then do it better.  What can you improve upon.  If you develop a product or service that directly solves the potential consumer’s problem, then they will be more likely to purchase.  Provide something of high value.

Principle # 4 – Create an enticing offer and present it in a manner in which your target market simply cannot refuse. Free bonuses, affordable pricing, or an intense sales video that shows that you identify with the plight of your target market.  You could also make it look cool and edgy like P90x did.  Their commercials make it sound as if the workouts were part of the most intense, groundbreaking, program ever developed by science.

Principle #5 – Find your vessel and master it.  How are you going to get your product or service in front of the masses?  After all, no one can purchase it if they don’t see it.  Some prefer blogging, many prefer social media, while others rather take advantage of Youtube.  There is no right or wrong method as long as the eyes of your target audience is on your new brilliantly crafted offer.  It’s important not to be a “flip flopper” and jump from one method to the next.  Instead, focus your efforts on mastering one method and find a way to automate it as best as you can.  If you prefer blogging, hire a writer.  If Facebook is your thing, then find a freelancer to create posts for you.  If making videos works best for your business, then find someone to create videos.  Then you will realize that you suddenly have more time to focus your efforts on other methods.

Principle #6 – Rinse and Repeat. To summarize, you’ve located a niche, discovered a problem, created a product/service to fix that problem, created an offer your niche can’t refuse, and found/automated a vessel in which to get your offer in front of the right people.  Now, the choice is yours.  You can continue to go back and improve each principle, or start from scratch, i.e., find a new niche, new problem, new product, etc.

Whatever you do, it must be done with vigor and an unrelenting style of focus and hard work.  If you master each of these basic principles, with a work ethic that outmatches your competitors, then you WILL become successful and you WILL attain the life that you’ve always wanted.


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  1. Great tips Sean! I wish I would of read this a few years back when I first started with IM. Would of saved me a lot of trouble -.-

  2. Natasha Christensen

    Thanks for the article! I like the tips about finding the problems your audience faces and then fixing them. Weirdly enough, that kind of applies to being a writer of fiction as well. Great fiction is very aware of the problems their character faces, and we cheer the characters on as they solve those conflicts.

  3. I am so excited with this one.

  4. Really enjoyed reading these 6 Basic Principles of Internet Marketing Success

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