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5 Ways to Use Google Realtime Search

realtimeGoogle Realtime is pretty much exactly what you get if you performed a regular search on Google, and then click the “Updates” link on the left sidebar.

Google Realtime also enables you to refine your results by area, which can be very useful for offline marketing, and the function to see the entire conversations of people mean you are not just catching 50% of the information.

There are lots of ways you can use this information. Here’s a selection to get your creative juices flowing:-

  1. If you run a reviews site for a product, search for “your product name” and look for people who are wanting to buy the product. Send them a bit.ly link to your website
  2. Check Google News for a hot topic, just breaking news. Then write some content (300 words) based on this subject. Now do a quick search on Realtime and find people who would probably comment on it, or be interested in a point of view on it. Link them in
  3. Find people who are interested in hot survey topics on CPA sites. Link them to surveys on your site
  4. Many lyrics sites have affiliation now. Find people who are writing lines from songs, and send them a link to lyrics sites or MP3 sites
  5. Look on Amazon for the best sellers in books or DVD’s.  Now find conversations on Twitter about these. You can then join in the conversation and link them to the product on Amazon. A very simple but very good method. When your friends are reading a book/watching a DVD, you often would like to get a copy whilst its fresh in your head.

There are of course many more ways you can use Realtime. Whatever your business is, chances are someone is chatting about it right now on Twitter. So if you want to contact people whilst they are thinking about your product – Realtime is ideal.

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