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5 Tips for Fast Social Media Traffic

Social Media TrafficSocial media isn’t just about staying in touch with your existing users. It can also be a powerful engine for driving loads of new visitors to your website. For this to work, you must have a strong plan for building your social media exposure. Using social media for traffic generation is not the same as using it for follow up. You must implement specific strategies.

Here’s how to do it.

Use Facebook to Auto-Post Comments to People’s Walls

Use WordPress Facebook plugins or Facebook’s API to host your website’s comment system. Why? If someone posts a comment on your article, that comment also automatically gets posted to their Facebook feed. You instantly get exposure to all their friends.

Facebook comments are also much more intuitive than a lot of other commenting systems. This is a great way to get a lot of Facebook exposure quickly.

Connect With Other Influencers

One of the most powerful ways to get more traffic is by leveraging other people’s social media channels. One of the best ways to do this is to create content pieces that involve them.

For example, you might create a Top X list for your industry. In online marketing, it might look something like “Best Tips from the Top 7 Online Marketers in2013.” Compile a list of seven people who you want to network with, along with their best tips. Publish that blog post.

Then reach out to those page owners and let them know what you posted. There’s a very good chance they’ll share your content.

You can also do interviews with people in your industry, or offer them the opportunity to do guest posts. This tends to work with “2nd tier” bloggers and website owners. People at the very top usually don’t do interviews or guest posts unless you have a huge audience. Smaller influencers often jump at every chance they get.

Tag and Track in Google Analytics

Tag all your social media links. This will allow you to track where all your traffic comes from. Google Analytics does try to attribute traffic even without tagging, but it’s not as accurate. Tagging your links lets you know exactly how much traffic you get from social media.

Use this to identify your top performing channels. For example, you might start off by testing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. After a while, you might find that only Facebook results in any conversions. By tagging your links, you’ll figure out what’s working and what’s not very quickly. You can then focus all your attention only on the avenues that are actually bringing in traffic and revenue.

Leverage “Like” Walls

Like “walls” allow you to give high value content to people only after they’ve liked your page. Use this to incentivize people to follow you. The more likes you have, the more social proof you have. Each like also appears on that person’s news feed, bringing you more traffic.

Get People on Your Email Newsletter

As powerful as social media is, it’s nowhere near as powerful as email. In Facebook, EdgeRank determines how often your posts show up (it can be as seldom as 10%!) On Twitter, you’re always at risk of being flooded out by other people’s messages. The only way to make sure all your content gets in front of your audience is through email.

Use social media channels to drive traffic to opt-in pages. Get people’s email addresses, so you can build a strong audience of people who consume all your content. Then use your email newsletter to send people back to your social channels and generate even more engagement.

If you follow these tips, you’ll start getting a ton of social media traffic very quickly. If you combine these strategies, the results will be even more powerful.


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  1. Great tips Sean.

    I have used Pinterest to double the traffic to my niche blog but the topic does lend intself to pinning pictures that other pinners love to share. It’s good to repin other people’s picture, like and comment regularly.

    Creating a group board and getting invited to pin on other group boards get your name or brand out there.


  2. Been talking that since 2007 Sean. Howie Schwartz was the first to say it: “You have to drag them out of the social network and into your list…” way back then.

    Social is NO replacement for a list. Last spring 97% of my sales came from my list. Only 3% came from my 38,000 Google+ followers and the product was about G+ Marketing. LOL.

  3. Thanks Sean for these valuable tips. I certainly hadn’t come across some of these for Facebook. I liked the idea of tags and Google analytics. I wasn’t aware of this and look forward to implementing it.

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