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The 5 Step Sales Page For Killer Conversions

Let’s be honest. Copywriting can be hard!

For the majority of online marketers, copywriting is an enigma; a complete and utter mystery. We can look at the sales pages of others and replicate it, but without truly knowing HOW and WHY it works, we’re probably just cheating ourselves out of conversions.

So instead, we shell out ridiculous sums of money to copywriters in order to bring our sales copy to life. What makes these people so special? How do they know how to create such enticing content? What is their secret?

Easy. They follow a basic strategy or template in order to construct a highly converting sales page. These strategies operate as a basic framework for their entire page. It provides a basic outline of exactly what should go where. All they really need to do is fill in the relevant information, sprinkle in a few magical power words, and voila!

Believe it or not, this is a skill that anyone can learn. You may not become the next Don Draper (yes, that’s a Mad Men reference), but you should be able to attain the basic skills necessary to create your own highly converting sales pages.

What’s even better is that you’ll have the skill required to split test and tweak your sales copy in order to fully maximize profits instead of hiring someone every single time you want to try something new.

A while back, I gave you guys a surefire 13 step sales page template. That is the exact outline that I use for many of my sales pages and has worked quite well.

Today, I’m going to give you an even more simplistic approach to creating a sales page that really POPS. It’s only 5 steps (a fraction of the other) and can work just as well!

I used to be one of those marketers that would just put words on a page and hope it converts. This willy nilly approach to IM almost always lead to a dead end where I was forced to hire a professional to clean up the mess I had made.

Once I realized that “winging it” probably wasn’t the most intelligent approach for building my business, I learned a few basic outlines. Once I understood what the general anatomy of a sales page looked like, the rest was easy.

So, here’s your chance to take your business to the next level without having to constantly rely on others. Here is the 5 step formula for copywriting success!

Step 1 – Point out exactly who your message is directed towards

Call your audience out and be as specific as possible.

If I’m selling a product for marketers that want to begin earning money through their website with a minimal start up cost, I’d be more like to gain the reader’s attention right of the bat if I say something like this…

Begin DOMINATING the internet by driving ridiculous amounts of paying customers to your site (without having to pay an arm and a leg to do it).

Notice that this headline wasn’t directed towards just any marketer, but those that want to earn money from their website without paying too much.

This works as an automatic qualifier as anyone that doesn’t fit that criterion will immediately lose interest, while those that do, will want to continue reading.

This will allow you to finely tune your marketing efforts to a very select sub niche while simultaneously increasing your conversion rate.

Step 2 – Identify the problem

What issues are your target consumers facing? This needs to be focused on the actual problems that your product can solve.

There would be no sense in talking about an issue that your product couldn’t fix because it would simply give the potential consumer a cause not to buy (whether it’s reasonable or not). No product is perfect, so it’s important to focus on what problems your product actually CAN fix.

Once you’ve effectively identified the problems of your target audience, take the next several paragraphs and really dig deep. After all, the issues your audience is facing may be a serious pain point.

Some marketers like to really twist the knife in their side by playing on their pain points. Though this works, I don’t think it’s the best approach. Instead, do it in a manner that bridges that gap between you and them. It will let them know that you identify with the problems that they face and understand their pain.

This essentially gains their trust as they will begin to see you as one of them. Here’s an example…

I used to sit up late at night and wonder what it would be like to earn a lucrative income so that I could spend my days lying on a private beach in Monaco; while sipping strawberry daiquiris and watching the dolphins swim by (I had vivid imagination).

Unfortunately, I didn’t even have a place to live, let alone know how to create a consistent source of income with my website. I felt trapped to live a mundane, unfulfilling life, struggling to earn money while working a miserable 9-5 job, and never truly experiencing financial freedom.

Even though I was talking about myself, there’s a good chance that some audience members can identify with how I felt because that’s how they currently feel.

Step 3- Explain why what they’re currently doing won’t work

This is where you’ll point out the pitfalls of all the other solutions out there.

Create a massive list of other competitor’s, methods, and strategies that your target audience member may think to seek out and detail all of their cons.

Now, it’s important not to turn this into a mudslinging contest where you actively disparage your competitors, but you can show your audience the downside to pursuing their method instead of yours.

Try something like this…

“If you’ve tried (blank) than you already know how disappointing that can be”

Remember, you want them to understand that you are part of the same team. They are not alone through their struggles because you are right there with them.

Believe it or not, when presented with a buying choice, all people formulate objections as to why they should avoid spending their money.

This step is essential because it shoots down any objections that the reader may have by showing the downside of every other option, leaving your offer as the ONLY possible solution.

Here’s a small example…

I bounced around from program to program without ever seeing consistent results. I even went as far as to pay THOUSANDS of dollars (that I couldn’t afford to lose) for coaching from one of the most reputable marketers in the business.

And still, no REAL RESULTS

I followed all of the “gurus” to a “T” but success still eluded me. I could see other people making a killing online, but I fell short time after time. Even after several years and changing my tactics up numerous times, steady sales seemed so close, yet just out of reach……..but it never came.

Step 4 – Show them how you came across the solution

This is a big step. This is where your story, which has been rather depressing up to this point, will begin to turn around.

You’ve gone through the hardship until you saw the light. Now you have a definitive solution to the problem at hand. By the time you actually present them with the offer, they should be salivating from the thought of the potential benefits.

Like this…

I was ready to give up and accept that my dream of living a happy care free lifestyle was not in the cards for me. Fortunately, I had a burning desire to succeed and decided to try ONE MORE program that was recommended to me by a friend……

Fast forward a couple of months and I found EXACTLY what I needed!

And guess what?………………IT ACTUALLY WORKED!


Suddenly my problems were solved! I now have the continuous stream of revenue that drops into my bank account like clockwork.


For the first time EVER, I suddenly had an abundance of cash in my pocket. I even moved out of the van and bought my own home. It set me free!

And guess what?

—- The paydays keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER! —-

Step 5 – Show them how they can get their hands on the solution

By this point, the reader should be excited, intrigued, and feeling a host of other emotions at the thought of finally having their problems solved.

Now give them what they want!

It may be a good idea to back exactly why you choice that price point.

The answer should be obvious. Your competitors are charging “X” so you decided to charge “Y” while also providing far more value.

Once you’ve presented your price, you need to explain EXACTLY how they can get their hands on your product. I mean literally break it down so that an elementary student could understand the directions.

“Click on the link below”

“Fill out this form now”

No matter how intelligent your target audience is, you’d be absolutely amazed at how many marketers lose out on conversions by now clearly explaining the precise steps needed to acquire their product.

Not everyone is as internet savvy as you and I. Some may flat out miss your buttons or forms.

It’s seriously that easy

Step 1 – Point out exactly who your message is directed towards

Step 2 – Identify the problem

Step 3- Explain why what they’re currently doing won’t work

Step 4 – Show them how you came across the solution

Step 5 – Show them how they can get their hands on the solution

If you use these 5 steps as your basic outline and dimply fill in the blanks, you will be able to create a killer sales page in no time. Or even better, combine these 5 steps with the 13 others found here and you’ll have the ultra converting sales page that you’ve always wanted.

What other copywriting tips would you like to learn about? Leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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