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5 Reasons to Start a Blog This Year

In 2016, the blog made a triumphant comeback after fading away. It is believed that two new blogs are created every second. While that might seem crazy, it makes sense when you think about how Internet focused our culture has become.

Today, having your own web presence outside of LinkedIn and Facebook is important when it comes to building your professional image. It’s understandable if you are still hesitant about venturing into the blogosphere. It’s a huge community, so getting started might seem just as daunting as it is to build your audience. However, once you get started you will find having a blog will help you both personally and professionally. To help make our point here are the top five reasons you should make a blog in the New Year.

Creating a Blog Has Never Been Easier

A few years ago, creating a blog was a major task to undertake. Chances are, if you wanted to be a successful blogger you would have to know how to build the website from the ground up and then connect your credit card to a hosting service so you could keep your own domain name.

Now, with websites like WordPress and Squarespace, building your first blog has never been easier or cheaper. Both WordPress and Squarespace come with their own templates to choose from so you don’t need to know anything about web design before getting started. These websites also have custom plugins so you can connect your social media to share your posts as soon as you publish them.

WordPress starts free with the option to pay for premium accounts and Squarespace offers plans starting at eight dollars a month. With great prices on blogging websites you can no longer use cost as an excuse.

Blogs Help You Build an Audience

You’ll never be able to build an online presence if people can’t hear you. Whether you’re trying to run an eCommerce website or kick start an art career, you need to build a loyal following to help get your site traffic to increase. Your blog will help you find a place within your niche and get to know what others are doing and what prospects are looking for in regards to content. Chances are, even if a lot has already been said on a certain topic, your voice will still give a different perspective on matters, and maybe that perspective is the one people have been waiting to read.

Writing and sharing consistently on your blog will also help boost your credibility within your chosen niche. You should also be willing to share personal struggles and triumphs to get your readers to trust you. If you’re willing to be open with them, then they know you’re a source they can trust.

Publishers Like Blogs

If you’re a writer, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t already have a blog. As stated earlier, blogging is the best way to build your audience and if you have an established audience you will have an easier time having your writing published. Remember how all those YouTubers were getting book deals a few years ago? The reason was because publishers saw these youngster as cash cows since they already had a million and one person following–even if they weren’t the best writers or even wrote the book.

Having similar following on your blog will help you in the same way. It will make a publisher more confident putting out your book since you will already have an audience willing to buy.

Even if you don’t get picked up by a traditional publishing house, you will still have a better chance at selling books if you have a following on a blog. Everyday self-publishing is becoming a more viable option, especially if you have that pre-existing following who will buy, review, and share what you write.

Blogs Help You Stay Connected

In life, you have to go where the jobs are. Often, this means you have to move away from your closest friends and family, who will likely miss out on future milestones. It is the sad truth but it is something that has to happen when you want to have a successful career. By creating a blog, you are creating a way to stay in close contact with your friends and family no matter where you go in life.

Your blog can be a way to share the hardships and joys you encounter in your adult life and your long-distance friends and family will be able to support and celebrate with you along the way. It is a great way to remain connected no matter where life takes you.

Blogging Will Make You a Better Writer

Writing is hard and it gets harder if you don’t practice it every day. Blogging has made it easier to do just that. Creating a blog starts with the idea of the writer and then they will build upon that idea with daily or weekly posts, which means you should write daily to keep your blog active. The more practice you get with writing daily, the easier the words will flow from your fingertips.

As you become a better writer, you’re also going to start getting more confident in the content you create. Writing and getting your thoughts out on a daily basis will make you less shy about sharing them, which will help you in your future career endeavors, whatever they may be.

Final Word

Blogging is the best way to establish yourself in the current year. It is a way to build an audience so you can sell your products or it can be used as a tool to stay connected with those you love. With affordable prices on popular blogging platforms, creating and managing a blog has never been easier than it is right now. If you want to write and share your ideas with the world, 2017 is the year to get started. You will never know what good your blog will do for you if you never start it.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for creating a blog that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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