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5 High Impact Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Social Media Tools

Your tools make a big impact on your chances of success, especially in social media. The right tools will help you save time, make a bigger impact, get more traffic and ultimately bring in more revenue.

The right tools are what allows you to run your social media campaigns like a business, rather than stumbling in the dark. The right tools will let you automate many of the essential processes in running social media successfully.

Tool #1: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is perhaps the most powerful social media tool on the web right now. It handles all the fundamental posting functions intuitively and quickly. More specifically, the main functions that make Hootsuite invaluable are:

  • Scheduling posts
  • See feeds from a variety of accounts in one screen
  • Post to multiple accounts at once
  • See PMs from multiple accounts in one screen
  • Reporting and statistics

Operating out of Hootsuite instead of on individual social media websites will save you an enormous amount of time.

Tool #2: Google Alerts

Use Google Alerts to alert you of any events that you might want to respond to. For example, you can set alerts to tell you when:

  • Someone mentions your brand name
  • An article or blog post is written about you
  • Your competitor releases a new product
  • A specific keyword is mentioned in a major news source
  • Big news hits your market, news that your audience wants to know about

Learn the Google Alerts interface and set up alerts so you can respond to new events quickly.

Tool #3: TubeMogul

Videos are frequently a big part of social media. Yet, just creating a video doesn’t mean you’re going to get traffic. You need to get eyeballs in front of those videos. TubeMogul helps you do that.

TubeMogul gets your videos in front of thousands of people by automatically submitting your videos to tube websites for you. This alone can quickly multiply the effectiveness of your social media videos.

Tool #4: All in One SEO

Success in social media involves creating a lot of content. Each piece of content will need to be SEO optimized. You need the right internal linking, title tags, keyword tags, description tags and so on. Instead of handling it one at a time, All in One SEO does this all for you.

All in One SEO is a WordPress specific plugin. If you’re on a different platform, make sure you find a plugin that’ll handle all your most essential SEO functions for you.

Tool #5: Hashtags.org

Hashtags.org is your go-to tool for getting Twitter traffic. It’ll tell you what hashtags are popular what which hashtags will get you the most traffic. It’ll tell you whether or not a hashtag you’re considering is already in use. It can help you predict trends, so you ride an upward wave rather than a dying topic.

These are five of the most important social media tools today. They’ll help save you time, get you traffic and bring in more revenue.


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