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5 Content Marketing Lessons for Massive Traffic

You may have heard the saying before, “Content is King.” Though this is true, you can’t simply throw a few articles onto your site and expect to traffic to come pouring in. In 2011, the analytics company, Nielsen, estimated that there were approximately 173 million blogs worldwide. According to WordPress, their users publish 33 million blog posts every single month. Needless to say, in order to build substantial internet traffic to your site, you will need to take an analytic approach.

1. Quantity is GOOD!

I want to be up front and tell you that you should be sure to never publish anything that you believe to be less than informative for your audience. I am not talking about purchasing articles from some content mill or to hire a freelancer that barely has a grasp of the English language to create your posts. Doing so will ensure that you thoroughly annoy a lot of people and drive away potential returns. What I AM talking about is building up initial views.

 As you embark on creating a site, those first views are the most difficult to come by. Your site could be an absolute conversion machine, but without traffic, there will be no money to be made.

Most of the top marketers in the game don’t post daily. Some may not even post weekly, yet they still receive traffic. This is because they’ve already established themselves as an authority and built a strong relationship with their audience. For those that may be embarking on creating a new site that has little to no following, daily posts can help tremendously.

2. What’s Trending…

Any easy way to build viewership is to create content on recent events within your niche. This works extremely well for two reasons:

  1. People are likely searching for the most recent information. If something is trending, then you need to capitalize.
  2. Since the event is relatively new, there hasn’t been a lot of content written about it yet, which narrows down the competition.

For instance, if you look on Google trends, the phrase “paleo recipes” increased from a popularity score of 42 as of last month, all the way up to a 100 this month. This phrase is currently trending big time. If I was confident enough in my ability to rank for that phrase, this would be the perfect time to do it. Of course, this is just an example. Search for keyword phrases that pertain to your niche. Keep an eye out for recent developments, research, products, or anything popular that has just been published or will be published in the near future.

3. If Need Be, Outsource the Workload

We’ve established that a lot of content is required to build traffic when first starting out. We’ve established that there also needs to be a certain level of quality. It’s impossible to post articles at a high rate while also maintaining quality. In order to ensure that you are providing your audience with solid information, it may be beneficial to seek the help of multiple writers to handle the load.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Statistics

Which posts are bringing you the most traffic? Was it the specific keywords that you used or did people share it on social media? Where did the traffic come from? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself. If one particular post stands out among the rest, then figure out how you can repeat the process.

5. The Headline

The headline itself is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. No one can turn down a juicy headline. Once your posts begin popping up in the search results or viewers begin to see them on social media, then this will be what skyrockets your click through rate. Quality content is what will keep them reading, but an intriguing headline will get them in the door.

Follow these five suggestions and make 2014 your most successful year to date with content marketing. It’s not only an effective strategy for attracting website views, but to also keep them coming back for more.

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