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3 Ways to Market the Ultimate Customer Experience

Putting your customers’ needs ahead of all else should be your primary business goal. By focusing on first providing the best possible customer experience, everything else will naturally fall into place. Instead of only thinking about ways to sell more, work on fostering customer engagement and improving the overall experience. What will draw buyers to your marketing content? What will keep them coming back?

If your marketing strategy is geared mainly toward boosting sales, you will need to change your approach. In 2017, consumers are very finicky and fickle. They are educated and aware they have choices. They do their homework before making purchasing decisions. Customers can no longer be treated like numbers. Here are some important customer service statistics to consider:

  • Price is typically not the reason for customer churn, it is usually due to lousy customer service.
  • Consumers are four times more likely to switch to a competitor if the problem was customer service related as opposed to a product or price issue.
  • The likelihood of selling to a repeat customer is about 60 to 70 percent. The probability of converting a new prospect is only 5 to 20 percent.
  • A whopping 96 percent of dissatisfied or disgruntled customers won’t bother to complain, but 91 percent of that group will never come back.
  • Customers who get their issues resolved promptly generally share their positive experience with a handful of people.
  • 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay extra for better customer service.
  • It costs a business a lot more money to acquire new customers than it does to retain its existing base.
  • A two percent boost in customer retention is equal to a 10 percent cost reduction.
  • Businesses need to ensure that customers can find answers through self-service options because 50 percent of consumers want to solve product or service problems themselves, 70 percent assume all company websites offer self-service applications.
  • It is predicted that 89 percent of businesses will soon compete mainly through customer experience marketing.

Your customers deserve to be more than just statistics. They demand a high-quality experience across all marketing channels. The data they provide should be used to develop a more personalized approach.

The art of customer experience marketing is much like customer experience management. The difference is instead of focusing on the management aspect, it involves creating the ultimate customer service experience by implementing methods of engagement.

The Importance of Customer Experience Marketing

  • Brand loyalty: The best customer experiences help build brand loyalty and customer retention
  • Consistency: Consumers like to know what to expect, so consistency across all departments is crucial.
  • Human touch: Personalization is the key. No one wants to be treated as less than human. It is important to create and maintain customer profiles, provide top notch customer service and information that meets the needs of your target audience.
  • A priority: Customer service begins at the first moment of contact. It should be at the heart of all marketing communications. What type of experience do you want for your customers? Are they being treated the same way from the initial marketing stage all the way to post-sale support?
  • Negative experiences: Bad interactions will cost you royally. You will need at least 12 positive customer experiences to counteract just one negative experiences that go If you reduce your customer defection rate by just five percent, you can improve your profit margin up to 95 percent.

Customer Experience Marketing Challenges

  • Inconsistency: It can sometimes be difficult to get all departments on the same page. To make this a successful venture, the concept needs to be embraced throughout the entire company.
  • Non-traditional thinking: This type of marketing approach is unique. It takes a whole new way of thinking. Customer experience marketing is about meeting the customers’ needs and wants, not the products or services you want to sell.
  • Difficult analytics: It is hard to measure your return on investment. Metrics and revenue are what drives marketing efforts. The benefits of customer experience marketing are more holistic. It is not only tied to profits.

3 Keys to Successfully Implementing Customer Experience Marketing

  1. Get All Team Members from Every Department on Board

This new marketing approach can be a tough switch for old-timers. Everyone may not be on the board at first. For those who have been in the game for so many years, doing things the same way, it is hard to start thinking differently. It can also be difficult to justify, especially if you have achieved some success with previous methods.

Begin the process by explaining to all departments that marketing goals in 2017 have changed dramatically. Consumers now have a voice and a face to go with it. They aren’t simply a bunch of numbers collectively known as customers.

Use current and new data to create an improved, more personalized customer experience. Every individual element of the media marketing mix should be rethought and reworked to have only one purpose, to serve customers and leave them satisfied.

Make use of case studies and other analytic materials from each department. Consider running a pilot program for three or six months to show employees the value of their efforts.

  1. Make Customer Experience the Focal Point of Your Marketing Plan

A great customer experience must be provided throughout the entire relationship, from acquisition and beyond. Consumers remember everything, especially bad experiences with a business. Make sure their encounters with your company are always positive, every step of the way.

By making this a huge part of your marketing strategy, you will ensure that the pursuit of customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every new initiative.

  1. Create Effective Marketing Initiatives that Encourage Exceptional Customer Experiences

 Make mobile a priority

The mobile customer support approach is expected to skyrocket in 2017. It is crucial that this popular channel not be ignored. One marketing company states that 52 percent of customers are less likely to connect with a business due to a disappointing mobile experience. For this reason, 84 percent of companies who implement a customer-centered marketing strategy focus their energy on the mobile experience.


There is no question that mobile marketing is a big deal. This year alone mobile search is expected to generate 28 billion more queries than on desktop devices. But, it still appears that brands are dragging their feet. Many are not adapting quickly to the changing world. Even now, 90 percent of customers have reported having a bad experience seeking mobile customer service.

  • Customer Segmentation

This is simply the practice of dividing customers into groups arranged by some type of similarity. For example, some buyers may be on ad hoc plans, other subscribe to monthly contracts. From a marketing perspective, these customers have different needs and desires. They shouldn’t be approached in the same way. To keep them satisfied and to keep your business growing, you need to engage with them in an individualized manner. Consider what brought them to you in the first place. Why did they choose your brand? Take that information and use it to come up with special offers, informational content and personalized follow-up correspondence.

  • Onboarding for New Customers

Do you currently have a standard process for onboarding every new customer you acquire? Think about ways to make this individualized for each specific person. You will inevitably encounter many different customer types. Set expectations for different groups and use onboarding to craft personalized experiences.

  • Up-selling to Boost Happiness and Increase Retention Rates

This is where you reap the benefits of all your customer experience marketing efforts. When customer segmentation is complete, you can tailor up-sell product promotions and set up data-driven marketing campaigns centered around their exact needs.

Now Improving the Customer Experience is Officially Part of Your Marketing Plan

This vital adjustment shouldn’t be left only in the hands of your customer service team. The type of strategy requires a proactive customer-centric approach that spreads across all your company’s marketing channels. The goal is not to manage the customer experience, you want to improve it by tapping into your data and technology resources. Create captivating campaigns that focus on customer satisfaction and deliver an unforgettably positive experience. Remember, consumers want consistent service and to be treated as valued individuals.

Organizations that embrace the customer service trend will stand out above their competitors and win the hearts, and loyal following, of consumers.

Final Word

Without a doubt, to best deliver a superior customer experience, it is crucial to get to know your customers better than you ever have in the past. This can be achieved by compiling comprehensive customer profiles that help you measure and decipher customer’s behavior across several channels.

With all this research underway, you will gain the necessary knowledge needed to personalize and individualize every customer interaction. Since consumers have the upper hand these days, businesses need to respond by acknowledging their wants and needs.

If your brand does the work to ensure each interaction is pleasant and flows smoothly, you will inevitably boost brand loyalty.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for marketing the ultimate customer experience that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.


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