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3 Ways to Improve Your Blog Post Titles

3_ways_improve_titleIf you struggle to think of a witty and clever title for your blog post, then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to be witty or clever?

If you think about it, people don’t really care if it is making their sides split, or making them question their ethics as they click – they just want relevancy.

The very first pointer in this article is to make a list. The title of this post actually speaks better to a reader than many other methods.

It is a time and statistically proven fact that titling your posts with numbers improve clicks, and also, if you are telling people you have bullet pointed the post for them. “3 Ways To Improve…” immediately tells the reader they are not going to have to read a large block of text. They can read a quick run down on the best thing to do. Ideal for internet surfers who decide if they like your page in about 3 seconds.

The next thing you should consider is keeping it short & simple. You should not run over 10 – 15 words, and never over 60 – 64 characters. Google only displays 64 characters in their titles in the results, so its a waste to use more. Besides that fact, nobody likes reading long titles. Keep it short and simple (KISS).

After short and simple comes another important factor – never forget to solve a problem. Every title should let people know that they have a problem, and that the post will solve it for them. I told you you could improve you blog posts with the title, and you clicked through. You may be better than me at blog post titles, yet you still clicked through. This is the power of problems. You think you might have one, if somebody suggests it.

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