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3 Unconventional Methods to Improve Productivity

All too often I see marketers that have a tendency to burn the midnight oil, working their fingers to the bone until they’ve accomplished everything that they can for that day, just to wake up and do it all over again. By no means is working hard a negative trait. Quite the contrary; few of the top marketers would have gotten to where they are today without pushing themselves that extra mile.

It has allowed countless internet marketers the freedom to work online instead of at a dreary 9-5 job, working for a boss that they fantasize about strangling. However, I often find these same marketers working so fanatically on a project that they begin to neglect the most important aspect of their business…themselves. Before you know it, they are burned out and the work that they are accomplishing is abysmal.

There are times where us hard working folk need to take a step back from the keyboard and take care of what really matters. In the end, it will ALWAYS pay off. When someone is feeling refreshed and their mind is clear, their productivity level goes through the roof. For that reason alone, I have decided to dedicate this post to methods that will help you improve your mind and body, thus increasing productivity.

#1. Physical Fitness is Essential

The mind and the body are closely linked. Countless studies have shown that exercise can even enhance our moods. Researchers suspect it is because the body secretes a hormone known as “endorphins” that give us a feeling of general well being and happiness. Regular exercise can also help improve just about every function the body has, including concentration and other cognitive abilities.

Those that take the time to focus on their fitness level will see a great development in their ability to focus on the task at hand when they are hard at work. Plus, it will keep your body from falling apart after spending hours a day hunched over in front of your computer, which I surmise is a good thing. All it takes is 30 minutes of daily exercise so that your business can reap the benefits.

#2. STOP Working

Obviously, this sounds counter-productive to the goal of accomplishing more work. After all, how can you be MORE productive if you aren’t being productive at all? The point is, everyone needs a break every now and then in order to relax the mind and focus on other things.

A study conducted by Lloyd’s TSB Insurance Group that the average attention span is now only 5 minutes (down from 12 minutes in 2000). This means that dedicating a large amount of attention to one task can be fairly grueling as the mind has difficulty staying on track.

In order to regain focus, it may be optimal to take chunks of time doing something else throughout the day as well. For instance, getting up and allotting yourself a 10 minute break every half hour could potentially increase the amount of effort that you can put into those 30 minutes when you are working,

#3 Find Something You Enjoy Other than Marketing

For most, building a lucrative career from the comfort of their own home and generating large sums of money is incredibly fun. Let’s face it, there are few other jobs out there that can match the flexibility of being an internet marketer. But, it is easy to burn yourself out by focusing solely on one activity.

Find a hobby or something enjoyable that gets you out of the internet marketing mindset for just a little while. Usually when people focus on one thing and one thing only, it becomes easy to get trapped and begin to “think within the box.”

We all know that is absolutely detrimental to marketing success. By having other areas of passion, you will be able to seamlessly change your mindset, giving you different perspectives and allowing your creative juices to flow.

There are countless ways to improve productivity. Not all of them have to do with internet marketing either. If you have your own unconventional methods that help you achieve more, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for the research, BUT, if I take breaks I get too distracted. When I am working on my video blog I go 2 hours at a time. To each there own!

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