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3 Secret Niche Hunting Tips

niche_huntingIn the main blog, you will notice that I have been checking up on what visitors are reading on the site, and hopefully I can deliver something you are all looking for.

In the main blog, you will see there’s an article about copywriting, and this article will deal with the fun and games of niche hunting.

Okay, it’s not the most interesting part of being a marketer, but to be honest, without good niche hunting skills, you are going to be flat broke before you know it. Niches grow on trees, and there are thousands to choose from. The trick really is ignoring the mainstream niches, and reading between the lines.



  • Niches are really problems that require solving. When you are looking at new niches, think of it in terms of “what’s the problem?”
  • Google Trends can help you find new niches as they appear. If something is trending, find out the underlying niche. Example: a TV series about trawlermen. Action documentary. Is this a good product for an Amazon niche site?
  • Youtube is a great source for niches. Look at the most popular video of the day. Now look in the comments, and see what questions are being asked most frequently. Start your research here (with the problem)
  • A clever way (taught by an old friend of mine) is to visit a website for a niche like ‘weight loss’ for example, but only ones that have live support. Then ask the support admin what the most common questions are that they get asked every day. A unique method – and very clever too!
  • Flip through your local newspaper, and you will see lots of tradesmen and businesses listed. Simply flick through and pick the biggest ads you find. The bigger the ad, the more money they have for marketing. The more money for marketing, the more profit they are making. Find out their most popular service… chances are, there’s going to be a niche  in the market online.

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