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3 Great Copywriting Tips

copywritingToday I decided to provide content that would be appealing to the majority of members and blog visitors.

Whilst taking a look through the stats of the site, some of the most popular articles have been about niche hunting, copywriting tips and keyword research.

In the members area, we will discuss some ninja niche hunting tips, whilst this article will give you some insight into good copywriting.

Copywriting in itself can be an art form. The results of perfectly crafted titles, sub headings and the ebb & flow of a block of text can be truly outstanding, and earn you a lot of money for your efforts. If you have no copywriting skill, you can of course hire an outsourcer, but be sure they follow the same rules as all good copywriters. Here are three of the foundation tips when looking at writing great, attention grabbing content…

  • The Title Is The Key

If you do not have a good title, then nobody will be that interested in anything else you have to say. They will be clicking the back button if you are unable to get their attention. Titles that really stand out are ones like “DO NOT read this if…” or “THIS IS NOT for you if…”. These are compelling titles, which make you want to read more.

  • Each Sentence Is A Conquest

When you are writing copy, or briefing a writer, think on a sentence-to-sentence basis. Each sentence should make the reader want to read on further. Leave open ended questions, or leave the reader wondering what is next. Don’t give them the whole thing in the first paragraph

  • Don’t Underestimate The Scrollers

There are few rules I think most about than the ‘scroller’ rule. When you are writing a sales page, you should remember that 99% of the people who hit that page do not look at the heading or sub heading for more than a few seconds. Then, they scroll down the page to look at the price. This is human nature, and as long as you have a backup plan for these people, you will be fine. A great way to grab these visitors’ attention, is to put something at the bottom of the page, next to the price, so they come back up to the top to read some more. If your price is not in budget, they will be clicking the back button anyway, but having a little headline down there and bullet points about your product will get them scrolling back up.


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