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3 Facebook Marketing Strategies You Should be Using: They May Just Save You Some Money As Well

Social media is an internet marketer’s best friend. How many times have you heard an experienced marketer say that you should go where your target market hangs out? Let’s take a look at a fun number, shall we?

Estimated Monthly Unique Visitors

Facebook – 900 million

Seriously, what bigger hangout is there than this social media site? Obviously, there are countless other social media platforms that populate the webs, but we will be focusing solely on Facebook today.

The amount of unique viewers Facebook receives every month is equivalent to three times the entire population of the United States. That is where your target market is, and they are hungry for your product.

Every year marketers spend countless amounts of money building their email list in order to promote their products. Though email marketing is still the king of the castle, realistically, social media marketing has to come in a close second.

Think about it. Why do you create an email list? That was a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is so that you have the opportunity to market to your audience over and over again.

Well, the same applies to social media. It’s possible to build a following on social media for far less than it costs to build an email list. Plus, statistics show that people are far more likely to check their social media account than their email inbox.

Facebook claims that 23% of all their users check their account at least 5 times a day. In fact, according to Statisticbrain, 28% of 18-34 year olds will check their Facebook account before they even get out of bed!

Though social media marketing is a potential goldmine, most simply don’t know how to leverage their accounts for maximum results.

Since it’s obvious that social media should play an extensive role in any internet marketer’s arsenal, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the more advanced methods to truly crank up your campaigns.

Fan Jacking

When trying to build a following, your established competitors have already done the hard part for you. They’ve put forth the leg work and the money to build a highly targeted audience.

When creating campaigns, targeting the followers of these pages should be your primary focus. Why?

#1 You know that they are interested in your niche or else they would never follow your competitor’s page.

#2 There is a good chance that they became a follower of your competitor because they purchased their product.

This shows that they may be more willing to purchase your product as well. I know some of you will ask “If they already purchased my competitor’s product, why would they want mine?”

Good question. You’re obviously on this site because you are interested in internet marketing. Think back to your purchases within the IM niche. The majority of readers will likely admit that they’ve made several purchases to support their IM habit.

I can openly admit that I’ve bought countless products myself. Digital products are like Lay’s potato chips. You can’t have just one…

#3 Targeting smaller pages will be far cheaper. For instance, let’s say you have a site that sells women’s shoes. Would you target those that are fans of Nike? NO!

For starter’s their audience is entirely too broad, but the real kicker is that there is a good chance that every other site that sells shoes IS targeting fans of Nike or Adidas or Reebok, essentially driving the price up for marketing to those individuals.

Target fan pages of smaller, yet established niche sites. The followers will be far cheaper to acquire and far more likely to make a purchase from your site.

You’ll also want to target pages that have ACTIVE followers; the more the better. Not only is this more beneficial for acquiring initial sales from that follower, but is also incredibly helpful in saving you money as well!  I’ll explain.

Have you ever noticed that your posts only get seen by a small fraction of your total followers? This is because Facebook recently implemented something known as edgerank to their algorithm. Because of edgerank, the number of people that view your posts will be dependent on how engaging they are.

The more engaging a post is (I.e. receives shares, likes, and comments) the more news feeds Facebook will be willing to show your posts in.

This is why it is essential to target users that are active because the more they engage with your posts, the more others will have the opportunity to see it as well, thus cutting down on the amount of money required for advertising.

Pretty clever right?

Target Outside of the US

If you’ve created a product or service for English speaking individuals, then chances are, you will want to target residents of the US, mainly because they have money and are often willing to spend it online.

From a social media marketing standpoint, targeting a US demographic can be rather expensive since everyone else is also promoting their page to the same people as well. Instead, why not focus on countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Ireland?

They are far less targeted, which will lower the price that it costs to acquire each follower, and are just as willing to connect and spend as any other country on the web.

Adding a Little Something Extra to Posts

Recently, the social media marketing platform, ShopIgniter released its 2013 Social Rich Media Benchmark Report. Inside were a slew of statistics including engagement rates for various types of posts; both paid and organic.

It should be no surprise to anyone that posts containing photos outperformed all others (view the photo below).

facebook engagement rate

As you can see, photo posts are the clear cut favorite for garnering the attention of your followers. We can take advantage of this every time you post, especially when you present a new blog entry.

Personally, I believe this occurs simply because photos are large and will appear more visibly in one’s news feed.

In order to gain the full effect of what I like to call the “Facebook photo phenomenon” and engage the maximum amount of viewers, you will need to supply a larger, attention grabbing photo.

Stock photos work just fine, but if you take a few extra minutes, you can likely edit your own photos by adding a watermark or logo for branding purposes.

For blog posts, a photo of 560 pixels by 292 pixels should be used so that the edges don’t get cut off. Yes, I agree that this is an odd number, but with the help of an editing software such as Gimp, or your tool of choice.

For regular posts, a square 403 pixels by 403 pixels will be optimal.  Through the use of photos, you can help grow your fan base and market your products with ease while other marketers struggle with their simple text related posts.

Use This Advice

With only these 3 suggestions, you should be able to see a visible increase in conversions almost immediately. Facebook is a wild beast that can be tamed and exploited for your own personal gain.

Feel free to try these ideas out, but remember to come back and let me know how well they worked out!

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