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7 Best Internet Marketing Plugins for 2014

Imagine a construction worker without a hammer or an artist without a paintbrush. Those are the essential tools of their trade. Without them, their profession would severely suffer. Perhaps they can manage without these tools, but a construction worker using his hard hat to drive nails or a painter scribbling with crayon isn’t going to get the job done anytime soon. Internet marketers are the same way with WordPress plugins. Sure, we could get the job done without various WordPress plugins, but it sure as heck won’t be easy. So, we are going to talk about the best marketing plugins for 2014 that will hopefully make your life a little bit easier and your checking account a little bit bigger.

Yoast SEO Plugin
This plugin is universally considered to be one of the top WordPress SEO plugins in existence. The simplicity with which it allows users to customize SEO options is mind boggling. Page analysis, focus keywords, social media…this thing does it all. What’s more interesting is that despite the numerous changes that Google makes to their search algorithms, this plugin never gets outdated. Here is the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Comments Evolved For WordPress
With this nifty little plugin, you can ditch that generic WordPress comment box and add the ability for your audience to post comments via Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus without having to lift a finger. It integrates seamlessly and looks fantastic on any and all websites. Find the Comments Evolved Plugin here.

Magic Action Box
Building a list is an essential part of internet marketing. The Magic Action box plugin allows the user to add a customized opt-in box wherever they’d like on their site. There is even the option to place the opt-in box within blog posts. The “Lite” version is absolutely free, which may suit the needs of most, but the “professional” and “ultimate” have some really nice extra features as well. Check out the Magic Action Box here.

Optin Revolution
If you think an opt-in box on your site is going to get the max amount of subscribers, you are kidding yourself. Optin Revolution shows a customized pop-up box every time someone reaches the site. Add descriptions or pictures of your free giveaway and present them with an offer they can’t refuse. It fully integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, and a slew of other autoresponders. Users can even customize the timing of the pop up or if they want it to appear on every page or just the first time someone reaches the site. It’s a great way to boost your subscribers list. Here is the Optin Revolution Plugin.

Ultimate TinyMCE
This tool makes posting and customizing content easier than ever. No more messing with html codes to change font sizes or to completely change fonts. Everyone hates having to spend time inserting code individually for certain attributes, especially when you can do it all in one click. Ultimate TinyMCE is here.

Wishlist Member
This is the ultimate in membership plugins. Build multiple tiered membership levels with total control. The most successful internet marketers in the world use membership sites to boost their revenue. It creates exclusivity that people are literally willing to throw money at in order to get involved. If that sounds like something that you’d like, then this plugin is for you. Wishlist Member

W3 Total Cache
Google ranks sites that can perform because it allows for a good user experience. This plugin will maximize the speed that your site operates. It works by minimizing the total space that is taken up by files, CSS, etc., that can really bog down the speed and overall performance of a site. W3 Total Cache

This is only the beginning of our list. In coming posts we’ll be adding more valuable plugins that will help maximize your site’s full potential and help to drive revenue through the roof. Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know YOUR favorite plugins.

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