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20 Simple Ways to Boost Your Rankings FASTER…

Everyone who launches a new website gets tossed into the competitive online world of SEO. At first, it might be hard to wrap your head around it, since the process can be challenging. But with the right knowledge and skills to master SEO you can attract an enormous amount of traffic to your site. If you have ever posted a blog or an article that has gone viral, that is a snapshot of what you will achieve with the top ranking in Google search results. For a beginner, earning a top spot on Google may seem near impossible.

Key Facts About Google SEO Ranking

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to boost your SEO and rank higher on popular search engines. For optimal results, constant SEO maintenance is vital because search algorithms are ever changing. This also helps prevent black hat SEO from taking over top ranking. Search engines operate like always changing living organisms. It is estimated that Google inserts over 500 modifications to their search algorithm annually. That equals one or more changes every day.

Keeping track of all of these adjustments can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned SEO specialist. It simply isn’t possible to stay on top of all of them and adjust your web page accordingly. But, there is a steady stream of algorithms that remain consistent, which can still work to lift your rankings. To quickly increase your rankings, follow this list of simple useful tips:


20 Easy Ways to Increase Your Rankings

  1. Scan your site for problems: Conduct an audit of your entire website to uncover any issues that need fixing.
  2. Post quality content: Provide relevant and compelling content that engages your readers. Write with your viewers in mind, not just the search engines.
  3. Make your content stand out: Enhance and improve the structure of your website content. Use anchor text, H1s, bold, etc.
  4. Don’t let your users land on a 404 page: Broken links are bad news and they make for poor usability. In addition, search engines view a large number of broken links as a sign of a neglected or an old website. This doesn’t have to happen, and you don’t need to sort through each page to manually test the links. Many apps and tools are available to help make sure your site remains free of broken links, such as ScreamingFrog, Google Webmaster tools and W3C Link Checker.
  5. Provide readable content: Regardless if you have the brightest, most well-educated audience, it is highly unlikely they want to decipher a difficult read each time they visit your web page. The goal is never to have users lose interest and bow out because the content is too hard to digest. Always make sure your content is not only of interest to your readers but also easy-to-read and to comprehend. Readability is another factor that experts believe Google considers when ranking websites.
  6. Design a user-friendly structure: When visitors are not able to find what they need immediately on a website, they will most likely leave. This process contributes to a high bounce rate, low dwell time and poor page view rate.
  7. Optimize page load speed: Google and Bing consider page loading speed when ranking sites. If it takes more than a few seconds for your web page to load, visitors may not wait. That would increase your bounce rate, damage dwell time and reduce the rate of pages viewed. All of these factors will negatively affect your SEO ranking. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to boost page loading speed, like optimizing image sizes, using a caching plug-in or limiting redirects.
  8. Omit low-quality outbound links: Stay away from outbound links to low-quality sites. Only favor websites with high page rankings. Include links to well-respected, authority outbound websites that will provide your users with additional relevant and useful in-depth information.
  9. Spell out link destinations: Post relevant links within the text instead of using something like “click here.” Write out the name of the destination. A “click here” link has no search engine value other than the attached URL.
  10. Video marketing drives engagement: Websites that use videos have a higher conversion rate. Include high-quality Images, audio, videos and slideshows to further enhance the user experience. This will allow you more ways to deliver information that will captivate your visitors. Adding various multimedia is a sign of quality content to search engines. It demonstrates you have put in the effort to make your content stand out, look attractive and interactive.
  11. Optimize your images: Along with image file formatting and sizing, there are other ways to ensure your images are helping to improve your SEO. By using target keywords as your image filename, title, captions, alt tag and description, you can alert search engines of the relevancy of your content.
  12. Use alt tags: Describe all video and visual media using alt tags or alternative text descriptions. This will help search engines to locate your web page. This is crucial for text-only browsers.
  13. Include keywords in title tags: Incorporate target keywords in your highly-effective title tags.
  14. Use metadata: Insert metadata when designing your website. Each page contains a space for metadata or information about your page content. Options include title, keyword or description metadata. Title metadata is most important; it is responsible for the page titles that are displayed at the top of a browser window.
  15. Promote your new content: Post your new and updated content to social bookmarking sites such as BlinkList, Stumbleupon, and Digg.
  16. Delete duplicate content: Make sure there is no duplicate content of any type on your site.
  17. Place sharing buttons: Inject social media sharing buttons on your website. The number of shares on Facebook, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins and other social media shout outs can positively impact SEO rankings.
  18. Use your keywords in URLs: Always use the SEO keywords that you are currently optimizing in your URLs.
  19. Keep content fresh: Regularly add updated and new content to your web page, that is relevant to your readers.
  20. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices: Just over a year ago, Google began penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile device use by dropping their ranking. Smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming the main source of online access for more and more users. By not jumping on this bandwagon, you will lose users and your conversion rate will drop.




By consistently executing all of these small steps you will gradually see an increase in your site’s ranking. Although there are always some factors you can’t control, like traffic level to your website and the length of time your site has been active, you can affect speed, uptime, and SEO. The best SEO strategies can skyrocket a website to the top of the ranking charts.

Relevant Quality Content that Engages

Even with all of these steps, overall success is measured by the quality of the content you share, the effectiveness of the SEO keywords you choose, and how you promote your website. If you follow the aforementioned suggestions and do your own SEO research your site ranking is likely to soar higher than many of your competitors. Avoid giving in to ways of cheating to gain top ranking. This may prove to be counterproductive in the end and you might end up penalized severely, lose your site tracking, and forfeit your listing. Keep the process organic and continue to provide quality, relevant content that draws new visitors and keeps your regulars coming back for more.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and what other tips for ranking that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.


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