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13 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Improve Your Campaign

We can all agree that the internet is an ever changing entity. Services and products come and go, only to be replaced by better ones. I’ve decided to create a list of internet marketing tools that I’ve found helpful recently.

Some require payment while others are 100% free. Some are new while others have been around for a while (and are STILL awesome). Some are plugins while others are membership sites.

The list I compiled is a mixed bag of goodies to say the least. Hopefully you can derive some value from a few of these internet marketing tools within your own campaigns.  I’m not an affiliate of any of the websites below, I just think they’re cool.

As always, I’m open to suggestions. If you have a personal preference to a specific marketing tool that isn’t listed, feel free to let me know.

 GetStat – Up to date analytics is absolutely crucial in every aspect of internet marketing. The more information that you have, the easier it becomes to customize the various elements of your campaign for maximum results. GetStat allows users to track an unlimited amount of keywords within Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This is essential for not only tracking how YOUR site is performing, but keeping tabs on the competition as well. This is one of the most solid analytics platforms available. It is no wonder why companies such as Expedia and LivingSocial use GetStat.

 TweetDeck – Statistics show that 90% of marketers either use, or plan to use, Twitter in their marketing campaigns this year. TweetDeck is an application that has a remarkable amount of features, ranging from the ability to monitor multiple accounts simultaneously to scheduling posts for later times.

The application can be used on virtually every platform you can think of including tablets and mobile devices.

 Buzzsumo – As you know, I am a strong advocate for content marketing. Any campaign that utilizes a lot of highly engaging content is sure to be successful. Buzzsumo is an application that allows you to find content that is currently trending across numerous social media sites.

This tool can be used for multiple purposes, but I believe its best used to help brainstorm for new content ideas. You will have clear insight into what content is being shared online, allowing you to create a similar, yet better piece of content that will be sure to spread like wildfire.

 HitTail – HitTail is a keyword suggestion tool that can essentially help skyrocket organic traffic. This internet marketing tool has the ability to analyze your current traffic and suggests long tail keywords that you should be targeting to improve performance.

This is a paid service, but you will find that the rates are actually quite reasonable for the value that is being offered.

Flow – As you progress in your internet marketing career, it may be a reasonable decision to begin outsourcing work or creating your own team of dedicated employees.

Proper communication is ideal for creating a positive work environment and ensuring that work gets accomplished correctly. For this task, Flow does the job quite well. It allows users to assign work to team members or communicate instantly in a group forum type atmosphere.

 Wishlist Member – Quite possibly the most advanced membership plugin available today. The flexibility and amount of features that this internet marketing tool has is unparalleled. Creating an unlimited number of membership levels, shopping cart integration, and subscription length control are only a fraction of what this plugin is capable of.

 StumbleUpon – This website is popular among many internet marketers as a way to spread content, increase online visibility, and drive traffic.  StumbleUpon offers an opportunity to present your content in front of those that are actually looking for it without ever having to rank in the SERPs.

OptimizePress 2.0Last year, the team that created the beloved theme that allows for customization of opt-in forms and sales pages has come out with a new and improved version. OptimizePress 2.0 is actually a plugin.

This nifty little tool is extremely powerful as the Live Editor feature allows for customization of full customization of your entire sales funnel. Creating complex sales pages that are aesthetically pleasing is a breeze as it allows the user to get creative and add different elements wherever they see fit.

Visual.ly If you’ve been on any social media site in the last year, you’ve probably noticed a massive influx of infographics. Infographics are the newest rage as they are usually incredibly informative, aesthetically pleasing, and small enough to be posted on a social media site, effectively increasing your online visibility if they go viral. This site is particularly helpful as their team actually creates the infographic for you.

MozThe website formerly known as SEOMoz is still at the forefront of marketing analytics. Calling Moz “just a tool” would be slightly insulting as it has countless features that can be helpful in aiding a marketing campaign.

Pocket – Pocket is an app that can be installed on virtually any device. The premise of this tool is to help you save things that you’ve found while browsing online. For instance, you stumble across a helpful blog post or video. Pocket will allow you to save it to your account so that you may read it or watch it whenever you want. For those that do a lot of browsing, this is a must.

Prezi – Though this site has been around for a while, it is still worth noting. I’ve made it a point to explain how useful visual content is in many of my blog posts over the past few months. If you’re not creating videos to be hosted on Youtube, then you are genuinely missing out on an outstanding opportunity.

Most people simply don’t have the disposable income to afford an expensive sketch art video or have their own production team. Instead, Prezi allows you to create engaging video presentations at a fraction of the cost. Why use Powerpoint when you can use Prezi?

SEOquake – This free app does a better job of allowing users to analyze the competition within their niche than most paid options. It will give you insight into what it may take to beat out the sites on any given page.

If you find at least one of the 13 internet marketing tools useful, then I’ve successfully accomplished my goal. If not, well, I’ll just have to try harder next time. Feel free to let me know what tools you use in your daily online journey by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Excellent list Sean .. some of these I’ve heard of – some I haven’t. Also, DAP is another excellent membership creation and management platform that I’ve found.

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