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12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, I covered 12 easy-to-follow ideas to help improve any marketing campaign.  Part 1 can be found HERE.  In Part 2, I will further expand on how to market your product/services to the masses for maximum results.

Creating Your Product / Product Launch

Tip #1  Focus specifically on what your audience WANTS, but also add in what they NEED.

Tip #2 – Survey your target market to find whether they would prefer videos, text, or both.  Some people hate to read, while others dislike sitting through lengthy videos.

Tip #3 – It is absolutely acceptable to outsource your work.  If you plan on creating a text of “Best Dog Grooming Tips”, but have difficulty writing, then outsource the writing to a professional writer.  Odesk, Elance, Freelancer, or the Warrior Forum all have freelance contractors that will be ready and willing to help in your endeavors.  This goes for site design or any aspect of your business.

Tips #4 – Prior to launching, have a select number of your target audience review your product.  This can be done by setting up a free giveaway or raffle on social Facebook.  This can serve multiple purposes.  1. It will allow you to fix any potential bugs or make changes that suit the needs of your audience based on their feedback.  2. You can ask for reviews to use to show social proof of your claims.  3. It builds anticipation for your eventual launch.

Tip #5 – Begin your “pre-launch” as soon as possible.  Use your email list, social media, and have others within your niche to spread the word and build a buzz for your upcoming product.  Also, be sure not to over hype your product by inflating information or over exaggerating the benefits.  After all, if you build it up to be something that it is not, then it may not meet expectations, thus disappointing buyers.

Tip #6 – Build a relationship with other marketers within your niche to create an affiliate network.  The more lines of revenue and channels that your product can create, the better.  Plan your launch date together for maximum effectiveness.

What To Do Next?

Tip #7 – Video marketing has become one of the most effective outlets for marketers within the last year or two.  Most notably, fitness marketer, Mike Chang has mastered Youtube marketing by generating over 313 million views to his videos that links to his $105 product.  If only .01% (31,300 or 1/100th of a percent) of those views purchase Chang’s product, then he will have gained $3,286,500 in revenue from marketing his products on Youtube.  Of course we don’t really know what Mike Chang’s conversion rates are, but you get the point.

Tip #8 – Just because you’ve launched your product successfully does not mean that you can set it and forget it.  Continue to be active within the community by guest blogging, posting on forums, or creating webinars.  Also, be sure to post on your social media accounts daily, even just to give an update of what you have going on that day.  All of this will keep you relevant and fresh in the minds of your target market.

Tip #9 – Continue creating content for your site.  As Google plans their next half-baked algorithm change, quality content becomes more valuable.  Marketers around the world have sunk entire businesses because they attempt to find loopholes in order to manipulate the SERPs and get caught when the latest update comes about.  The only constant is that Google favors fresh, well-written content.

Tip #10 – Don’t forget about Yahoo and Bing.  These search engines can yield outstanding results if used correctly.

Tip #11 – Do NOT rely on a single source of traffic.  Aspire to create numerous sources of traffic so that if one dries up, you won’t be left with your pants down, scrambling to find something new.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should jump around trying every method. Instead, find a few and work on mastering them.

Tip #12 – The most successful business model is to be sincere and caring towards your audience.  If you focus on helping others, the rest will come in time.

Bonus Tip – Have fun!  Marketing can be hard work and often times stressful.  Remember why you became a marketer in the first place.  Marketing should not be such a chore that you regret logging on to your computer daily.  If you aren’t having fun, then you may be in the wrong industry.

Like always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave something in the comment section below.

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