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12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 1

Research Phase

Tip #1 – Choose a niche that already has competition.  Why?  It shows that others are already making money within that given niche, which is a good indicator that you can as well.  Unless you’ve stumbled across a goldmine micro niche, a niche with no competitors could mean that there is not enough money in it for anyone to properly monetize.  It’s far less risky to choose a niche that is already proven to produce.

Tip #2 – Narrow down your audience.  Markets such as the “Health and Fitness” niche or the “Make Money Online” niche are absolutely massive.  Unless you focus on a specific aspect within that niche then you will undoubtedly be fighting an uphill battle.

Tip #3 – When researching your niche, ensure that it interests you enough to pursue.  All too often internet marketers jump into a niche that they believe will drive revenue, but quickly lose interest in the topic long before they have the opportunity to profit.

Tip #4 – Identify the problems within your niche.  Use forums, social media, or some other method to reach your target audience and literally ask them what they want.  You can base your product around their answers.

Tip #5 – Find the most successful competitors and see what they are doing, and then do it better.  This can be done by reverse engineering their site, product, auto responders, etc  and adding your own, improved, twist to it.  Chances are, if a site is well established, they have a blue print for success.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just to improve upon what already exists.

Finding a Place at the Table

Tip #6 – Become an authority within your niche.  This takes extensive research and a deep knowledge within your niche.  Blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, and guest posts will help get your name out to the masses.  When your target audience seeks help for a problem within your niche, your name should immediately pop into their head as the one that holds the answers.

Tip #7 – Brands outlive products.  Businesses and websites are a dime a dozen.  However, a strong brand can help solidify your place within your niche.  For instance, can you name the most recent model care released by BMW?  I can’t, but the brand name has a strong reputation of having quality products, so I would trust from the name alone that the vehicle would be superior to many other brands.

Tip #8 – Content, content, content.  Not only will this help you build yourself as an authority, but it will help with building a rapport as well, which is just as important.

Tip #9 – Social media is your best friend.  No other outlet allows you to communicate directly with your audience and on a daily basis as social media does.  It also helps your audience see you as “one of them”, instead of a nameless, faceless, website.

Tip #10 – Build your list by giving away quality information.  This is a time to further build your authority and prove your expertise while also building your list.  This doesn’t mean that you should give away the whole kit and caboodle, but providing something fresh and compelling will help build your list.

Tip #11 – The money is in the list.  The old adage still holds true to this day.  Ensure that you have an opt in form directly on your home page and above the fold (the upper half of the first page).  Make sure it truly pops, with a message and a call to action that is compelling.  Often times internet marketers ask for far too much information during sign up.  Do you really need their number, address, and library card number?  NO!  All you need is an email address in order to begin sending your offers.

Tip #12 – Try breaking your auto response emails into “lessons” that build upon one another.  This will keep readers intrigued enough to continue reading as they will look forward to the next part of the series, thus giving you numerous opportunities to market your product or services.

In the Part 2 of this series, I will go into more detail of SEO and other essential practices.  If you have any suggestions to add or questions about anything I’ve added to the list, feel free to leave a comment below.

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