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YouTube Tips You Need to Remember

youtube-logoYouTube is a goldmine for traffic hunters, and there’s no better way to build a lasting relationship than getting a subscriber to sign up for regular updates from you. YouTube allows this through their channels, and can give you the perfect portal to reach your prospective customers.

If you give them a great bit of information, they will then subscribe to your channel, and this can be capitalized on and transferred to your blog. If they are interested in you and your products or services, they will be shooting over to your blog to see exactly what you are about.

When this happens, you can snare them with an on-site sign up too. This is a great circle of communication, as they will be benefiting right away, and so will you.

There are a few things to remember when you are building this following on YouTube, and the first one is – to be consistent with your branding. Every video you upload should have an intro that they will recognize and become accustomed to.

Branding is very important on YouTube, it is just like TV, and we all remember the intros to TV programs – and repetition like this can work on your viewers too.


Unlike TV, however, Youtube makes it possible to get more viewers by simply optimizing your content for it. You can get hundreds of new subscribers just by adding good descriptions, keyword rich titles, tags and links. It is very important to think of YouTube as an extension of your blog or website, and you should treat it as any other SEO campaign. Many people forget that YouTube videos rank faster than most other online properties.

Get used to posting details about your videos on your Twitter account, your Facebook account, and in every email you send out – include a link to your latest video on your signature. Likewise on your forum posts – include the link. You can also get a head start on SEO by social bookmarking your video, and getting it on your blog for your other traffic to see.

Customize everything possible on your channel, and brand it just like your website. The more fluid your online presence is, the easier it is for your visitors to make the transition from one site to the next. Your Twitter, Facebook page, website and other online presences should all be tied together with the same color schemes and graphics. When you change one – change them all.


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