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As part of our commitment to your success we have a wide range of powerful workshops that you can sign up for and study at your leisure. These powerful workshops will teach you valuable skills and knowledge that will propel you to success…

Power Marketing Workshop

6-Figure Video Sniper Strategy


Learn the secret strategy that created a 6-Figure business in under 12 months with high-power video marketing…
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Extreme Free Traffic with Stealth Syndication


Watch as Kim Roach shows how she gets tons of traffic by smart syndication of her existing content the easy way…
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Back To Basics – The Essential Workshops

High-Powered Niche Research (The Right Way)


Discover the most powerful way to uncover profitable niches and understand your market’s needs so you can profit.
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Picking the Right Domain and Setup Hosting


Not sure how to pick the right domain and setup hosting? No problem! This workshop will get you started now…
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Installing and Optimizing WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful platforms for building a website. Let’s get it set up and optimized!
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The Essentials of Email Marketing


The money is truly in the list, but only if you know how to build a list and maximize it’s profit potential.
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